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2003 Acura MDX with M&G Braking System


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We have a 2003 Acura MDX Touring model with Navigation System with the M&G Engineering brake system installed. We towed this SUV for 7 years as we full-timed in our diesel pusher coach. About 6 years ago, we sold the diesel pusher and bought a house in Tucson. We have continued to use the Acura MDX as our primary vehicle for the past 6 years, but no longer tow it. We did purchase a small gas Class C RV on a Ford chassis with a Triton V-10, but I'm reluctant to tow such a big heavy SUV with such a small light RV. We love the Acura MDX as it is in absolutely perfect condition. I'm a fanatic on care and maintenance and the local Acura dealer has helped me keep the SUV in perfect condition. So now I face a dilemma! Should I sell the 4300 pound Acura and buy a smaller tow car that weighs about 3300 pounds, or should I just tow the Acura MDX? I know the trade down to a smaller car will cost me about $10,000 while towing the Acura with my current Ford chassis RV will cost about $500 to have the M&G Power Pack installed on the RV. I hate the thought of selling my SUV since it is in such perfect condition. Do you think it is worth $10,000 to drop about 1000 pounds from my toad, or should I just tow the MDX? If you have experience in towing a car or SUV with an RV on a Ford Triton V-10 chassis, I welcome your comments.



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Gooday to you! If you take a look on your "RV Manufacturer ID Plate", it should give you the rating for the TOWABLE weight allowed, and I am going to risk assuming, that you will find it to be close to 5000 lbs allowed +/-.... My gut tells me to suggest then, that you keep your MDX (it a fine little vehicle as it stands),1) you are familiar with it, 2) you have maintained it properly, and 3) you LOVE it!

We had a Chinook RV in past years and it had the same fine V-10 Triton engine & transmission and it is more than capable of hauling that little Acura behind your RV. My measly 2 pennies offered.....The HappyHobo

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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