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Ms. Joan and I are pulling the part time work trigger and planning to hit the road for 9 months of the year. Yeah! We've had the Heartland Gateway for a year and after a half a dozen trips, have made all the changes (for now) to make it fit our needs. The last project was working out the kinks in our 12 volt system, especially our inverter to residential frig. We've had a dickens of a time this summer with a couple long pulls and finding a tripped inverter when we stopped at rest stops or returning to the domicile. I wish I could trust the dealer to fix the problem, but it usually takes 3 or 4 trips until they get it right and workmanship is usually marginal (not ranting, just stating a fact).


I checked the wiring downstream - no problems. Batteries are in good shape and holding charge. Frustrated, guessing the inverter was the problem. Doing the Google search thing for a new inverter, a Heartland thread popped up and I found my inverter has a firmware issue with the residential Frigidaire frig. The compressor surge causes the inverter to trip. A couple of calls to Heartland CS, providing test results to the service rep and a new inverter was provided at no charge. Must say that was a very pleasant experience.


As all of us who can't stand for status quo and since I was going to be in the electric bay anyway, I decided to add 2 more batteries to the string. This is where it gets interesting. First wire to inverter, connector was so loose, I could pull it off with a gentle pull. Second wire to the battery box, the same. General wiggle of all the wires on the batteries, half were in the same shape. Good grief, looks like the connectors were put on with a hammer and chisel. Back to Amazon for 2/0 welding cable and new connectors. A couple of hours of work with new cables, the trusty hydraulic cable lug crimper, new battery box and a couple new batteries, Ms. Joan and I are ready to hit the road.


Moral of this story, check the forums. Someone else is probably having the same problem too. And lastly, check your cables. Give them a gentle tug and fix the wigglers. I knew better. Preach it all the time.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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