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Almost stranded


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I took the Volvo for a quick weekend trip with my Bronco Club, Mid-Atlantic Early Bronco's to Cumberland, Md. for our annual street cruise. We arrived Friday evening at a hotel with no issues.....so I thought. I did a pre trip inspection today prior to traveling back home and noticed strands of belt hanging from the underneath. I thought, this isn't going to be good, it's noon on a Sunday afternoon. Seems that on the way up the tensioner idler pulley froze up for the cooling fan. Luckily my wife followed us up since I don't have enough room for the family and my daughters' friend to all fit in the Bronco. Where do you find a pulley and a belt on a Sunday afternoon? You can't find a HDT parts place that's for sure! Not in Cumberland Maryland anyway.

I figured I'd try the local Advance Auto Parts. I knew they had to have something to make it work even though I had no idea what the application would be for. I quickly learned though that they merged with Carquest and carry HDT parts now but I also learned they didn't have what I needed! The pulley that is was on it was about 2" in diameter. I wound up using larger diameter of 3 1/2" but narrower pulley off a Windstar. That was fun trying to tell the guy behind the counter what I was wanting and him telling me it wouldn't work. I also got a few larger diameter 6 rib belts. I think the belt that should be on it is a 8 or 10 rib belt?? I also scavenged a spacer from the scrap pulley and set the belt where it would ride on the narrower Windstar pulley and drove home without any issues. It cost me about $40 to get home and will cost more once I get the correct parts. At least I got home and didn't cost a whole lot.
Moral of the story..... Do your pre-trip every trip. If I hadn't noticed it I would have been on the interstate, overheated, and further away from the parts stores.

Pictures of broken parts are boring and every thread needs a picture. Here's one of our stops Saturday. Total of 16 early Broncos (66-77) and a few 78-90's tagged along as well.


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Lets just say this issue was not evident when you did your" Long trip Pretrip". Lets say it was the next day of a 5 day run, you open the hood to clean the window and while hood is open you do a visual check of the front end, oil, expansion tank, obvious leaks, front tires, hoses and maybe the fan for cracks and the fan belt from both sides of the truck, at least what is visible which isn't much.


Would the strands of belt have been plainly visible?



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You can probably get what you need from R.L. Jackson in Port Deposit helluva lot less than Volvo. 410-336-3450 Daryl after about 9 am


WOW, RL Jackson, have not heard that name for awhile, I use to deliver to them and the whole area there Port Deposit, Conowingo & Colora back in my delivery days at UPS.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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