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Leaking tire


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Leaking tire, alone and 70 miles from home, no spare, 25 miles from a repair facility, boat trailer tire was flat. Service station had a compressor and tire slime. $12 later and no improvement tire still leaking.


Fellow getting gas came over and asked how is it going. I explained what I had done and was considering asking him to watch my boat and equipment while I went and got a new tire.


Well, I have something that works for me, if you like We can try it in your tire. Pulled out a caulking gun that had a clear plastic tube on the end of cartridge. After injecting contents in the tire and reinflating it, he said just roll it around where the leak is at the rim. Yep, tire stop leaking.


When I tried to pay him for tire slime in a cartridge he refused. Said, it's not tire slime, but a homemade concoction that works just as well.


Cornstarch mixed with water to the consistency of cake batter. Add 2 tablespoons black pepper, and you have homemade tire slime.


When my lawnmower tires started leaking from thorns, I made some of this stuff up. It worked really well.


Don't recommend this for tires that will be used on the interstate for hours on end. Leaking tire became a spare and six months later it's still holding air.


Your results may differ but might do in a pinch.



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