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Modern 5er Decor?


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My wife and I are headed to Hershey this weekend and are looking to find a 5er for full timing in the next couple years. One of the main issues we've run into in our search is the way nearly all units are decorated.


If, like us, you're not a huge fan of the casual/country style of decor, we feel like the options are nearly zero. We'd love to find a unit with a more modern/clean vibe in terms of cabinets/flooring/furniture/window treatments. We're open to new or used units and have a budget of +/- $50K.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Buy a solid used RV and redecorate it like you want.

I have seen used one with modern decor some Carriages

front living space euro chairs I think they where Carriage denali,

LXI. Just go to sale sites and look through a lot what you

do to find what you want. Some with wrap around living rooms

I think there called.

For $50 grand you'll need to go used besides my oppinion

you can get a better RV with older models.

Frame and such are a bigger deal to me, then floor plan.

Just got to dig a little.. Good Luck

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Hi Chad & Jen. Have you ever seen the Carriage Domani? They don't make it any longer, but we looked long and hard at buying one. We would have bought one had we found one in excellent shape in our part of the country.


We bought new and we chose a Grand Design Solitude 320x. The quality and features are what we wanted and the decor is not obtrusive - it lends itself very well to your individual touch.



Have fun at the show - Katy and David

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Mine is a 2002 40' Travel Supreme. It has been redone in a number of areas, suspension, wheels, tires. Then the interior is being redone in the retro 50's, rounded res. fridge, red cracked ice table and island. All that plus the electric awning, new window awnings,decals, carpet, tiles plus plus has added up to a lot more than 50k. Like a friend who has a 41' Tollycraft boat said after I asked him how much he had dumped into it , "I don't want to know".


There is always something to do, work on, upgrade or replace.


A sticks and bricks house doesn't roll down the road at 63 mph on cc.


But I take it from the perspective of owning a boat, if the hull is sound everything else can be replaced.



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We'd like to say thank you for all the great replies. In continuing our reseach, we hear over and over that the behind-the-scenes build quality (frame, insulation, etc) matters most when choosing a full-time rig. DRV, Excel, New Horizons and Nuwa always seem to be in the conversation of brands that build their rigs to last.


Our thought now is to purchase a rig that has a bit of age and redo the interior. This would likely include new flooring, paint/replace cabinet doors, paint walls and replace living/dining room furniture. We'd like to keep the overall systems of a higher-end rig in place while making the decor our own. As a rough example, a decent 2008 DRV Mobile Suites can be had for around $20-25K which leaves us a good bit of our $50K budget for renovations.


Our question then becomes, what brand and year would provide us with the best starting point? We like the rear living floorplans and really want to concentrate on maximizing the kitchen as we both love to cook. An island would almost certainly be included as we'd like to have as much counter space as possible. We also like the idea of a separate slide out for both a washer and dryer. Past that, we're very open. It would just be the two of us and we have no pets. Our plan is to pull with a HDT with a Smart Car bed, so weight is not an issue.


Here's a link to a makeover that really fits the direction we're headed: http://mobilehomeliving.org/fabulous-5th-wheel-camper-makeover


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