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IR receiver mod / omni-directional ?


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I tried to do a little research off and on, but it's never amounted to much. I'll toss it out to the experts and see what ideas you might have.




This isn't my rig, but it's the same make, and the entertainment center, room division, and bed placement are the same.


My issue: The TV 'box' rotates so that it can be viewed from either the bedroom or the main living space. Note that the movie player is mounted into the cabinet above the TV and facing the main living space. My Satellite receiver is mounted such that, from the bedroom, the remote control works great, but not so much in the living space. Conversely... if I want to watch a movie, the remote will only work in the living area and not at all from the bedroom.


What I would like to do is install some type of IR sensor or other type mod that would allow their remotes to work from either living space. The only thing I've been able to come up with front internet searches so far is a UHF receiver/transmitter/IR transmitter set-up, but it isn't at all practical to mount IR transmitters to the face of the movie player or satellite receiver, and I don't really want to have a hard wired power solution.


Many a moon ago, I had purchased a stereo system that came with a battery powered button sized IR sensor on a 2' wire that you could place anywhere you wanted, and the other end simply sticky taped over the existing units sensor. I can't seem to find anything like that anymore though.


My low cost/ugly thought was maybe just using those small convex mirrors (like 'blindspot' stick on your auto side mirrors type) and mounting them. I can't imagine that would be too attractive, but the only thing I've been able to think of short of a gobbledygook UHF unit.


Ideas solicited.

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you might be able to switch the remote from IR mode to RF mode.


I would have never thought to even check for that. Great information to keep in the ol memory bank. Unfortunately, both remotes (satellite, movie player) are IR only, and the only receivers compatible with my tailgater are not RF capable.


Thanks for that tidbit though.

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MNRon.. Thank you!! Problem solved. When I had looked in the past I had been searching on remote IR sensors/receivers/transmitters and the like. Pulling up "IR repeater" came up with a whole bevy. I even found a couple of battery operated repeaters that will fit the bill.


Much thanks for that! When all else fails.. ask the experts. :D

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