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Hookup to site water


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Escapees Mag. Sept/Oct 2015 issue has article "The Ultimate Water Hose Hookup" :


The connection for hose used for black tank flush , and other stuff does not show a pressure regulator. Is a regulator required when flushing the black water tank ? OR just at the City Water connection at the RV.

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Thanks for comments . I also have been using a regulator .

The article in the Escapes mag. suggests using a " Y " at site water with disconnects at hose connections to "Y" . As suggested it seams prudent to install the regulator at connection of " y" to site water hyd.


Yes. But I sure wouldn't be connecting my black hose to that Y adapter. My black and white hoses.. "never the twain shall meet". ;)

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They have to meet someplace, even if you have a hose connected to your neighbors spigot they are meeting.


I never attach my black hose to potable water sources. I've seen folks with sewer hookups rinsing and flushing their black tanks while still in their camp spot, but that's just another reason I don't use "city water" at CG's... or frequent CG's really at all for that matter. :)

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Any factory installed and properly plumbed black tank flush system will employ an air gap fixture that will prevent any back flow from the black tank. Attaching a hose from a potable water source to a black tank flush should create no issue whatsoever.


Air Gap Wikipedia


On the other hand, sticking your hose into the end of your black tank drain hose to flush it out a real no-no! That's why water bibs at dump stations are labeled non-potable.

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The rinsing of stinky slinky at campsites, is one of the main reasons we carry a spray bottle, mixture of water and bleach, in our plumbing bay. Before attaching our water hose, I first run the water out of the bib for 10-15 seconds. Then scary the hose bib, then attached our hose.


I have always been looking for a much water pressure as possible to clean with the grey/black tanks washouts. Good input on too much water pressure can cause a problem, I'll start using a regulator.


And note, though I have the same air gap and back flow restrictors already mentioned, I always run the hose bib for another 10-15 seconds upon tank flushing. And, I spray the hose big threads with our bleach before leaving. And I never rinse stinky slinky at a campsite. I will do so sometimes at the dumping station.


Final comment on this subject. I always do my best to leave a dumping station better then I found it. It always amazes me to watch how some others will treat this area, and leave it in a disgusting state for the next person behind them. I've seen people use a beat up torn broken hose, with a connection to the coach, and then the ripped end of the hose just laying close to the dump drain. Pardon my french, but crap literally allover and around the area of the drain. Some do rinse with water afterwards, but I've seen others that just drive away with toilet paper clumps all around the drain area. I sometime need to clean a dump area, before even using it. I'm sure I do as the gang here does, always using the proper hose and attachments to do the job as cleanly as possible. If anything ever drips, or spills (Or one time backed up on me.) - I always clean the area the best that I can.


The worse that I've seen, was an old rusted banged up duct taped Class C unit - that the owner did not even have hose for. He pulled up close to the dump drain, opened it up, let it drain, then drove off... Not even an attempt to rinse his crap and paper down into the drain... scary!!!


Amazing what some feel is acceptable.


Best to all, and may your dumping and flushing experiences be as pleasant as possible:)!


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