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I am going on Friday, but I wasn't planning on taking the truck. I don't have a hauler bed, but I am converted to haul my 5th wheel. I have a kenworth t600 factory singled. If your interested in seeing it let me know and I can bring it. It will do it some good to get it out and run a couple hundred miles.

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I believe I got the last space in the Hershey Park campground. As you can see from my picture, my HDT is a Class 7 Freightliner 39' straight truck. I'll be driving down tomorrow (Tuesday, 9/15). I expect to leave Friday. late morning. I'd be happy to show you my RV and aswer any questions I can. I also plan to be at the National HDT Rally in Hutchinson, KS in October.

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This looks to be a good time to introduce myself. Been lurking a few months now. My DW and I are staring the planning process for our retirement lifestyle. The HDT route looks interesting.


Flyguy, we will look for your setup when we take the pup for a walk in the morning and look at our site for next year. We are also planning to make the trip to Crossville in the spring to get the pros and cons of owning an HTD at th east coast rally.



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Hey Dustin, sorry we didn't meet up but I got to see your rig along with the yin & yang white one parked just behind. Polished tanks look great and I want those fenders too! Do those vortex generators work? <_<

I did meet up with dblr and we got to BS awhile. Hope you guys enjoyed the show. FlyGuy, I'll catch up with you on the island one day.

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Stekay, glad you got to give her a look. I didn't get to see the one that was parked behind me, we were in the show from 1030 until 530. Thanks for the compliments, I'm still working on getting all the chrome polished up and I tried to get her washed on Friday but the line was to long at the truck wash. The jury is still out on the vortex generators, I haven't had a long trip with the truck to see if I notice a difference in fuel economy. Sorry we didn't get to meet but if your ever down in Jersey near the military base shoot me a message on here or call me and I can meet up with you. I live in Chesterfield NJ. I'll have the whole setup out in PA at the Appalachian RV resort on Columbus day weekend for a Grand Design rally.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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