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Water Tank Rinser?


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The Camco is a decent price but I really like a tank rinser with a copper tube that you can bend a bit to get the water stream just where you like it.




Valterra is way overpriced http://smile.amazon.com/Valterra-A01-0184VP-Master-Blaster-Tank/dp/B000BGHYDO/


New Leisure is high too http://smile.amazon.com/Leisure-Tsf-100-Water-Heater-Flushing/dp/B001SQRY22


You can make your own for a couple bucks, a hose cap, a compression fitting and a foot or so of 1/4 copper line will do the job. Just drill a hole in the cap, slip one end of the compression fitting through it and slide the copper line in the other. Bend to fit your space and to hit every corner.


If your pressure is a bit low (hook directly to the spigot, not your filter/regulator) you can mash the end a bit with a pair of pliers to get a harder jet of water.


You are likely to get a good bit of ugly white stuff out of the heater, putting down something to catch it and not leave a mess beside your rig is a good idea. A big bucket works as does a drop-cloth.

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As a full timer, I flush twice a year since we have a water softener. I use the standard plastic flush attachment and it works well in increasing the pressure. Before I start, I use a sheet of aluminum foil folded double to make a funnel under the discharge fitting so that the water doesn't splash all over, and alternate buckets to catch the calcium-filled water. I also remove the pressure fitting, clean it with Lime Away, then flush from the top.

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It's one of those 'must haves' in some shape or form. Most of those available at RV stores are pretty flimsy and way overpriced for what they do. I went the copper tube route myself. Pinched in the center at the outlet to form two high/er pressure jets. It doubles as a 'jet' wand for other cleaning duties around the rig as well.


How often I flush depends on what part of the country I've been in. In the South West the water is pretty hard and I'll flush every 3 months or so. In the North West, every 6 months. I recently invested in a water softener though (thanks again mobilecastle) and see if it makes a difference this winter.

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