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Yahoo Verification Code


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I have a @bellsouth.com email address. Last night I received a text from PH# 323-5155422 with a 5 digit number. The message was that the 5 digit number was my yahoo verification code. I received two text messages within minutes with different codes. Any idea what this is about. I tried to do a reverse lookup of the phone number and the only thing I can find is it is a land line in LA. Could this be related to my email account, something else or SPAM from the black hole? Thanks

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What I found :




(323) 515-5422


NMLS #: 3304

Dieter Dauber Recor Dr Los Angeles California




That's 3 different supposed owners of that # .

Those I took from a Google search , so the validity may or may not be questionable .


Anyway you look at it , It looks like a scam .

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I concur with the above assessment due to the phone#. However it is not always that simple.

If you are using multi-part authentication then texts or cell calls are indeed legit & expected. If you get a code that is unexpected though that might indicate an unauthorized access attempt. It should be looked into.

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