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SOLD! - 2008 Volvo 780 D-16 / Ishift / Smart Bed for sale


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Might help folks to know where you're located.

If you click on the link Geo provided, his location is about half way down a very nice list of info.


IMO, this would be a great truck for someone. Way cheaper than chasing down something of that caliber, doing all the preventative stuff, and having a bed built.

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Yes. I'm actually in Sidney, BC.


Ten minutes from the ferry to Vancouver, BC, two minutes from the ferry to Anacortes, Washington State and five minutes from Victoria International Airport!


Pretty handy considering we are way out on the left coast. Lol


Have just uploaded a video of the pull up to the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park.


Nice grumbly rumble from the D-16 and you can hear Eco-Roll and the engine brake on the downhill sections.





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Well George; sorry to hear of the rather short time you spent with our old girl.


I periodically kept abreast, through these pages, your progress in updating the Suites and marvelled at all the stuff you did to her.


Someone got themselves a good deal I'm sure.


It's always sad when later years, supposedly the best years, have these challenges but I'm sure you and Karen have arrived at what's best for you both and we wish you both nothing but the very best of luck for the future.

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George; it's sitting on Vancouver Island is sure a coincidence as I took it onto the island for an RCN ERA Apprenticeship Reunion and managed to shoehorn it into a spot in Westbay Marina that handled both it and the 4400 toter parked beside it.


I'm sure you've had similar experiences with it that would cause a sensation when you were pulling into an RV park.


Westbay were very cooperative after I assured them if they kept inter park traffic stopped I could have the thing on it's assigned site and set up inside of 20 minutes.


Happy to hear someone is going to get some more enjoyment out of it.


That girl has been as far southwest as SanDiego, as far south as Mercedes Tx as high as Cloudcroft NM, as far southeast as Fort Myers Fl all through the interior US and across Canada while we owned it and I can only guess where it's been while hooked to your truck.


It should write a book or perhaps someone from Escapees should market a log-book to go with trailers throughout their travels, much like a small aircraft.

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