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GMAIL and Windows 10

Capt Joe

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Don't know if t is something I did or something due to an update installing or ??? but my new Windows 10 computer has stopped receiving e-mails (gmail).


Little background....

Purchased a new Toshiba 15.6" laptop (i7, 8 Gigs ram, 1 TB hard drive, etc.... nice smooth machine) about a month ago and everything set up just fine. Then about 2 weeks ago, I noticed the e-mails had stopped coming in... gmail. I have a couple of e-mail accounts I normally use but I have only set up the gmail on this computer because when I tried to set up the other one, I got the dreaded message that the password was wrong.


Anyway, I have been into the settings for gmail but I'm not exactly sure of the correct settings. Anybody got any solutions, suggestions, directions, etc.?



Capt. Joe


PS I am receiving my gmail just fine on my other devices.

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No knowing what email client you are using there could be several reasons.


First, check the detailed settings in the clients that work on your other systems. Gmail does use a non-default setting for SMTP SSL and such. Be sure those are the same.

If that fails, Just do a search for setting up gmail for windows 10. you will get hits. You can also go to google.com and search specifically for what the settings are supposed to be.


Or you can go to https://support.google.com/mail/?hl=en-GB#topic=3394144%C2'> and follow their directions.

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Thanks, Budd. I really appreciate your reply and wish to say that you guys are MIRACLE WORKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have no other explanation for it other than the above but my gmail just started working as before and I have made no changes to settings, etc. in either my gmail or the mail in Windows 10.


Needless to say I am happy and am standing by to return the deed whenever the chance presents itself.


I do want to say that so far, Windows 10 seems to be running really well on my new computer.... well, some of the credit goes to the new i7 processor and the lean/clean system in the new Toshiba I just purchased. If it keeps up, I will update the Lenovo Windows 7 machine as soon as I am familiar enough with the new OS. My wife is using the Lenovo and I sure want to know enough to guide her through when she has a glitch.


Thanks Again,

Capt Joe

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