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Hi All

It appears that my old RV-30DE Charge Controller (for my single satellite panel) has gone to controller heaven. It is non-op and very hot to the touch.

The Blue Sky Solar 3000i MPPT charge controller has been recommended by AM Solar as the best replacement.

Any comments/thoughts or recommendations??

Moderator-If this is the wrong forum, please move it to the correct one

Dave O

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Probably the wrong place, Technical might be better http://www.rvnetwork.com/index.php?showforum=6 but most folks will find it in any case.

I was very happy with my Blue Sky MPPT but I had a bigger system than a single panel. I can't tell you that you'd see enough extra power from the MPPT to make it worth the extra cost above a conventional switching controller.

Blue Sky Solar 3000i MPPT -- $250 + http://www.blueskyenergyinc.com/products/details/solar-boost-3000i

MorningStar ProStar -- $110 http://www.morningstarcorp.com/products/prostar/

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I have a Blue Sky on my 400 watt system and it works great. The 3000 has 3 stage charging and can certainly handle more panels than you have now. I also agree with Stanley that you don't need the better controller with such a small system unless you plan to add more panels.

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