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anyone with a C10 Cat powered truck


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Our Cummins (not a Cat) M11 370 / 1350 lb 10 speed / 3:08 gears tows our moderate weight of +30 -34,000 lbs just fine and at 13.5 mpg it's a cheap ride.


We don't push speed above 65 much so we have all the power we need at our moderate weights. Everywhere we travel we are pulling steep grades and we never lack for speed up the grades.


Over 45,000 lbs might want a larger engine if you are in a hurry........


Drive on........(Moderate is..........ok)

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Glen there is also the 3406 cat motor that is the pre runner to the c15. I have a Kenworth with a 3406e Cat motor set at 450 horse and 1650 torque. I get about 9 mpg pulling my 38' Mobile Suites. This motor is substantially stronger than my ved12 Volvo at 425 hp was. I'm not sure that is a fair comparison though. This would be a pre 2002 non emissions motor though so it may be older than you want.

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Glenn, the C10 and C12 engines are physically the same engine, except for the internal differences in the bore and/or stroke that result in the different displacements and correspondingly lower or higher output levels. The C11 and C13 engines are built on the same block, but with a one piece, crossflow cylinder head and, of course, the ACERT dual turbos.


When you say that you prefer trucks with "pre-emissions" engines, that requires some clarification. If you simply mean that you don't want a truck with DPF (EPA 07 engines and up), there will be a number of trucks with Ultrashifts to choose from, which, in medium-bore Cat engines, would be C11s and C13s. But, if you mean that you don't want to consider trucks with just Cooled EGR or ACERT (EPA 04 engines), then you're limited to considering only increasingly scarce FreedomLine-equipped trucks or a handful of even more scarce early Ultrashift trucks, with C10s and C12s.

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Thank you Phil. You have been a great help. I researched the ACERT engines and I don't want one. There are even law suits against Cat about them. Jordan Trucks have lots of C10s also. That is why I was asking. Has C12s also. Everything else is ACERT engines. He has C12s with Ultrashifts. Also C10s. They are factory singled too. All fleet maintained. I'm seriously considering one and was wondering about the power of the C10s. They are also somewhat short and I would have to add length for Smart bed. I'm a welder so that point is mute.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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