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Boston ARea Help Needed


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Hi folks--

I am a new member, in the process of building a custom 5th wheel to meet my needs as a disabled person with serious chemical sensitivities. I've had the shell of my trailer manufactured in Illinois and it's about to be shipped to Boston where I live, so that my construction crew can build the custom interior. BUT...I can't find a site to park it on while they do the work. I'm new to Boston, which makes it harder. Ideally, I need a small part of a warehouse, a large garage or a similar space, but at this point I'd be happy with a more or less secure parking lot or other open air option. I can pay rent and I'm even offering a reward. (www.littlevehicleforchange.org) The site needs to be within 30 minutes or so of either Arlington or Somerville, MA, where my builders live. I'll need it for 3-4 months, and ideally there would be a power outlet so I don't have to rent a generator. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.



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Sounds like a neat project, be sure and take pics along the way and share it on this site...there might be someone else with a disability that it helps out...as far as help with the facility, I'm afraid I am no help there (i'm a long way from there!) but you might also look for old buildings that are not in use anymore (like a business that closed down) and approach the owner about renting it short term...good luck!

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I grew up in Ahhlington. I would look in the Stoneham area and if you can't find anything there, out by Tewksbury or Tyngsboro.


Here's a parking area next to a garage in Watertown



As you know, its a congested area and not very RV "savvy".


Worse case, I would call two RV parks- Boston Minuteman and Normandy Farms. They both have lots of acreage although they are about 40 minutes from Arlington. They may have ideas for you though.



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