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how to replace duct work on coleman basement a/c unit


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I have a 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Freedom. IF (big if) yours is anything like mine, the AC unit drops out the bottom. But dropping the unit doesn't give you access to much of the duct work.


There is an elbow/adapter on the bottom of the duct that is fastened to the AC unit with a few screws and you will have to remove that "elbow" before dropping the unit. You can do that from underneath the coach. Alternatively, mine had two screws holding this elbow to the duct about six inches up the elbow but that whole duct/elbow was wrapped in insulating material making the screws very hard to locate..


If your repair is higher up on the duct work, the rear cap will probably need to be pulled as noted earlier..



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I re-taped broken seams in the ductwork, by reaching through the engine grill opening. I used a piece of 1x2 about 3' long to press the metal duct tape over the broken corners/seams. I had to use several short pieces of metal tape instead of long pieces. It isn't pretty, but it sealed the ductwork without removing the cap.

This thread is quite informative if you care to read it through.

If you need to remove the basement unit, here is a thread-with pictures-explaining in detail, how to remove and replace the basement A/C unit.

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