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Upgraders and New system builders - Reddit has a group for you


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https://www.reddit.com/r/PCMasterRace/wiki/builds seems to be a very useful resource for folks that are into upgrading and/or just starting over with a new custom system. Some surprises it talks about are the facts about Intel versus AMD and why AMD might be a better solution. It is what is used in both the XBOX ONE and the PS4.


It is not a guru only site but does seem to provide a better balanced perspective and insight when one wants to build a great system at the least cost. While it is not really speaking to turn-key purchasers I think it does go a long way towards helping them decide which TK system will actually deliver what they are expecting.


My old desktop is getting squeezed out of improvements because of things like not having a UEFI bios (can't handle GPT formatted drives for one thing), no USB 3.0 support so can't have legacy support for boot critical devices like keyboards, mice, USB drives plugged into a 3.0 USB adapter.


I now have a core I2 process and a MB limit of only 8GB which, when running a 64bit system, is becoming a real limitation as programs and solutions keep growing in size and causes a lot more system impacting paging. For today, 8GB on a 64bit system running on at least a 500GB SSD is the starting point. USB 3.0 is becoming essential as is a current model video adapter (mostly for solving aging Video driver compatibilities with newer software and OS.


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