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New Bed Ground Clearance Opinions


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Been on the sidelines the last few months taking care of 10,000 visitors. Don't know why we do it but they have all gone and we can now get back to Lucy's bed build. The bed frame is mostly completed; need to hang the storage boxes and mount the hitch before we add the skirting.

The 730 is singled short and the bed length is 155" BOC. Is 18" of ground clearance at the bumper enough? What is your ground clearance at the bumper? Are you singled short, mid or long? I will try to attach some pics.





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My bed is around 11' long, and I'm singled short. I have (I think) a 48" Buyers toolbox behind the wheels on mine, and I think my hitch height is about 18". I have considered adding lower skirts to fill it in, since I think it looks unfinished. Never came close to hitting or dragging it.





This is with the air dropped on the bags.


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