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For the few months that we have been living full time in our RV and camping on weekends and holidays one of the things that we have noticed is folks using "noodles"...those styrafoam floaty things that kids use for many different things...thought I would share a couple of things we use them for and see what you guys have re-purposed these extremely cheap things for:


1. Made great rod and reel holders that keep them off the floor of the storage bays and keep them stationary.


2. Cut them to fit over a couple of drawer handles that my DW kept hitting her leg on in the dark leaving a bruise. (happy wife happy life)


3. Met a couple with a fiver that used them for padding on the edge of the slides because they were right at head level for him and one knot on the head was enough.


4. The obvious use of pipe insulation at the S&B and I guess you could use them for the same thing in the RV's


Ok, so what else have you used these things for...besides floating!!!!

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When my kids were little, I cut one in 6" pieces , made the slot wide enough to fit the open edge of interior doors so they wouldn't slam their fingers in the door any more. Today, you can buy things made for this, but one costs more than one Dollar Store noodle, which makes more than I have doors.

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When I use the enclosed car trailer, I slide one on each cable for the ramp door when it's open. Then not rubbing up against an "invisible" cable.

I also put one on the edge of the basement door when it's open to expose the outdoor fridge. I don't need anyone walking into the edge of it like I've done on occasion.

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Cut one to length to put between the turntable plate and the top of the microwave during travel to keep it in place.


Also do the same thing in the fridge to keep things from moving around.


As noted above, I have also busted my head on one of our slides too many times and I now keep two sections in the basement. The first thing I do after running out the slides is put a section at each end.

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Lumbar support = excellent !!


Kinda like - "One thousand uses for duct tape".


Think you've seen/heard 'em all - - and along comes number 1,001


If you are so inclined, the *lengthy* thread, - "Handy Hints, Gadgets, Products & Gizmos".

has been running for a long time on "that other" RV forum/s site - -




Pool noodles are likely somewhere in the 336 pages... :)





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