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Pics of HDT,Rhino and ramps


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I have shortened the Rhino so it works sideways on the truck bed. I am using ramps to bring the Rhino up the side since I also wanted to bring the Rhino up the back when I am not pulling the RV but just going back and forth to trail heads. However I was too slow and making my buddies with trailer wait when loading/unloading the Rhino so I have been working on a faster way.


I also made winch point so I can winch the Rhino on if wanted when its sideways, like to go slow when so close to the back of the sleeper and the winch helps with that. When driving up the back, I go faster and don't need a winch. Designed a tool storage box area with room for the winch point to store when removed.


I know I enjoyed all the HDT porn and figured I should give back. Let me know what you think. Glad to answer any questions.


Hopefully these photo links will work...



















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The rear ramp setup has been interesting - I've not taken it out yet. Will do Moab later this year. Had to make the ramps removable so they can also be used for the side load and then stored under the Rhino. However still wanted them to be easier and faster when rear loading it. Here are a few more pics of them in case there is anything helpful for you on your build.







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Nice setup! As I tow a TT and load from the back, but I could carry (2) side by side if I loaded from the side. I just can't see myself modifying my toy like that to make the length requirement. We love our midsize Ranger, with a shortend box I couldn't carry the inflatable boat and outboard. Just goes to show, we all have different needs!





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Curt, I assume you mean posting pictures. We use Photobucket.


Fastest is questionable as sometimes it is not very fast but that may be more of an issue with connection speed and size of pictures.


Cheapest: It is free but you do have adds to deal with.


Securist: Not sure what you mean here as pretty much any picture you post on the internet is not secure and can be copied. They do have a password system to access the account but in today's world of hackers I am sure it is easily bypassed. Of course pictures of HDT's especially naked ones are highly sought after that people will go to extreme measures just to look at them LOL.

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I found a post somewhere on this website and used it. Here is the basic process.


I went to this website



Then I dragged a picture into it, copied the url it gave me and put it in the body of the post I was making.


I just repeated the dragging, copying and pasting the url generated for each picture.


Fast and Free - no idea of security of the pictures or if there are other drawback.

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This is one of the main reasons we created www.FollowMyBuild.com, to make sharing photos easier. You can post photos of your builds directly to the site and even directly from your phone (web works well on mobile, and mobile apps coming soon). No messing with copying hyperlinks, resizing, etc.


Accounts are free and you can easily share photos back to here using the forum share button (shown below).




Here's the result of pasting in the code that is automatically copied when you click the "forum" button circled above.



View High Resolution Photo


Register at www.FollowMyBuild.com


I hope this helps.


End Shameless Plug

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