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Advice Please! De-lamintation or Possible Water damage?


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I am interested in the attached 5th wheel, it's a 95 Nu-Wa Hitchhiker II, 27ft, for $7950, I'm going down to look at it tomorrow, if I can get off of work early enough, and it's still there...but I can't seem to find an inspectors in my area, so at the least I'll be bringing a moisture meter with me. On the photo it looks like the covering/paint on the ceiling is coming loose...can anyone tell if this might be caused by a leak? Or is it just normal wear and tear that can be easily repaired?


Thanks in advance!



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If it is from a leak I would suspect the TV antenna, easy to check for mold by taking the crank assembly apart and looking up into the ceiling. It could be something as simple as the boot that seals the coax missing or not sealed.



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