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Upgraded to windows 10, now icons gone

Roy & Ann

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I have an hp laptop that was running 8.1 with all the updates. Since I have 3 laptops to upgrade. I down loaded windows 10 to a USB drive.

The upgrade seems to have gone fine with one exception. On the task bar all of the program icons I had, are gone. If I try to Pin to Task bar, The icon moves to task bar and disappears.

Tried to "google" the problem, but cannot see anything that matches my problem.

Any experts have any suggestions?



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I have no answer. But, can you add to the Start Menu?


One thing I found, perhaps you have your laptop in Tablet Mode. Tablet Mode changes the desktop layout. Look in Settings / System / Tablet

The icons are in the start Menu.

Yes, I checked it is not in the Tablet mode.

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Has your screen size oversized your physical screen size? This has happened to a few because of default display drivers. Typically, try to change your screen resolution and see if you have many choices or just the generic ones. If you only have the generic resolutions listed then you probably need to get an updated video chip driver. Windows update should eventually get you on their WHQL video driver for your video chipset but you may want more control than that one will give you.


NVIDIA has new win 10 drivers if you have an NVIDIA video chip.


Just athought.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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