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Newbie... Accessories Needed to Start


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Basically you only need a drinking water hose and a sewer dump hose and connectors and a rubber donut. I would add, depending on your power cord, various connectors. We are 50amp so we carry 50amp to 30 reducers and 30amp to 20. We need the second because we sometimes stay in state parks without power and use our generator.

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A jack that will lift the rig if you get a flat and that will fit under it with a tire down. Too light or won't fit are problems you do not want to have beside the highway!


A lug wrench that fits the nuts, you should get one with the rig but double-check. If you don't have strong arms also get a 3 foot length of water pipe, galvanized will rust less than black, to use as a cheater when slipped over the wrench handle.


A good medium sized fire extinguisher, you do not want to have something go wrong and start a fire that the toy extinguisher that comes with the rig won't put out.

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A roadside assistance plan, white water hose & pressure regulator, dump hose kit, electrical cord & adapters, and an Electrical Management System. That's the minimum the rig needs. For the rest pack as if you were going to a cheap motel then add bedding and towels. If you will not want to eat out every meal, pack cookware/dishes/dish soap. etc. Feel free to bring paper plates and plastic silverware so you don't have to do dishes. Bring paper towels, trash bags, and toilet paper. Do remember maps and contact information. You don't need to pack for the rest of your life on this first trip--bringing just the minimum will help you learn what you do and don't want to pack once you get the rig home.


Linda Sand

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Thank you all for your suggestions....Linda, you hit it on the nose with the roadside assistance plan, I won't be changing a flat by myself, but very good info. I will be flying into Dallas and driving back to Indiana, so I can't pack very much. Planning a Walmart stop before leaving for sure. Thanks again and will post how the trip was when I return.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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