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Go Full Retro? 1950 Diamond T

Dennis M

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Also, notice how the Tach is closer to the driver than the Speedo?


Tickets (if the truck was even powerful enough to get one, back in the day) came out of the driver's pocket. Blown engines cost far more and were the owner's responsibility, which was often a different pocket entirely.


All of the gauges pertaining to vital engine information are "closer to the driver" than is the speedometer. The truck companies knew where the owner's priorities were.

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Go to the ATHS (antique truck) website for all kinds of stuff for sale like that. This one is over priced, but good luck to him.

Antique truck prices are held down because of the limited number of people who are licensed to drive them. As far as I know, just because it may be a historical vehicle doesn't let you out of the CDL requirement.

I wouldn't mind getting a 1963 Studebaker 8E tractor with a 471 Detroit diesel. Not many around, but I know of a few.

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