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TRICARE Prescriptions


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In case you have not heard - As of 1 Oct Tricare will require many "maintenance" drug prescriptions to be filled by only mail order or military pharmacies. The actual list of drugs does not seem to be available yet, but this means no more local phamacy option. In our case, the DW has a controlled substance scrip for a fall she suffered 1 1/2 years ago and still has major pain. We have opted to fill it locally because it is only good for 30 days at a time which makes it very hard to work with ExpressScripts/mail order due to he tight window on refills.


I got my info from the NAUS Watchdog Weekly Update, Aug 14 edition. I'm sure other military newsletters should have some of the same info. Here is the text from NAUS (there is also a Federal Register explanation but it is rather lengthy, the link is below):


Change to Where Some TRICARE Beneficiaries Obtain Prescriptions
Beginning on Oct. 1, TRICARE beneficiaries will have to obtain refills for certain drug prescriptions through the mail, or at military treatment facilities, according to a new interim final rule from the Defense Department.

The new policy affects refills of non-generic prescription “maintenance medications,†or drugs that people take on a regular basis for chronic conditions, such as high cholesterol or blood pressure. The change does not apply to medications for sudden infections or illnesses. The head of the Defense Health Agency will maintain and update a list of covered medications, available online or by telephone, and agency will contact eligible beneficiaries about the change, stated the rule, published on Aug. 6 in the Federal Register.

The change, mandated by the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, aims to save money for the department and TRICARE enrollees by avoiding the higher drug co-payments associated with many prescriptions medications in retail pharmacies. The department estimated that the change would save the government roughly $88 million annually, while TRICARE beneficiaries will save about $16.5 million per year because of cheaper co-payments.





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