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drom box need more storage


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Decided to try to build my own storage ---> DromboxA.jpg


front frame goes up ---

then some side panels---> DSC00993.JPG


Build up back frame and tie it all together. ---> DSC00998.JPG



getting late, but got first roof panel up there. ---> DSC01003.JPG


Version 0.4 beta, probably need a front and back. May end up with a tarp, Hutch is very soon coming.


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Yes Rocky, laminated alum on 3.5" Styrofoam and 1/2" plywood. Sure hated to give up 8" of deck space but am hoping to get better organized and keep stuff out of the weather. The roof panels are 6" but got a deal on a bunch of this so use what I have. Am keeping the total cost below $100 which is just welding rod and caulk. The back doors, whatever they will be, may smoke that pipe dream.


. DSC00954.JPG

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Lookin' good, Dave ! Do you think you need to add some cross bracing until you get the ends on the box on ?.

Your front frame looks stout enough to negate wiggle there and I'm sure you're conducting your own earthquake tests to determine the structural integrity of the box. Using those panels is an innovative approach and will give you lots of insulation as well as making a good looking box. Clever idea to store and protect your stuff. Hope you are doing well. Be safe. Charlie

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How about a roll-up door.. Last I looked Bontragers had some 6'x 8' rear door sections for about $75. Your inspiring me I've started a small 6'x9' L Rv trailer and some of that stuff looks interesting. Weight and cost are the key factors.

We will be in Westerville the end of October to mid Nov. if your back by then we would love to get together!




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