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Direct TV D12-500, now w/HR44-500 & C41-100

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Hello all, am trying to help my father-in-law with his Direct TV set-up & stumbled across your forum which appears to be of great value so thought I would tap into your expertise.....and ask a few questions. Please note that he has a Trav'ler DIRECTV SWM #68944 on his motorhome. In the past, he used to have a D12-500 "box" in the home that he would put in the motorhome without issue. He now has a HR44-500 in his home that acts as the master & (2) C41-100 in the bedrooms.


1. We were told by DIRECTV that the D12-500 is now "defunct" & cannot be used at all (home or motorhome).


2. We were told by DIRECTV that the HR44-500 cannot be moved from it's present location without a "reconnect" or "search" fee of $45.00 once it was moved into it's new location. Reason being that they have to reprogram the signal. Then, when moved again there would be another $45.00 charge.


3. We were told by DIRECTV that moving the HR44-500 into the motorhome would render the (2) C41-100 left behind in the bedrooms useless.


Is any of this true? Thanks in advance!


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I don't see why an HR44 can't be moved like any other DirecTV receiver/DVR. There's nothing unique about its setup.


However, if you have C41's in the house they will be useless if the HR44 is in the MH. The C41's are "clients" they aren't receivers.


There are plenty of refurbed D12's being sold online. It is pretty old, but it should work in a multiswitch (not SWM) system.

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Welcome to the forum. We'll try to help.


As for moving the DVR from the house to the motorhome, you can do that without even telling DirecTV. They don't need to know where it is Just do it. It will work fine since you have a SWM setup in both places.


I am not familiar enough with the C41-100 to answer that part of your question.

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The $45 fee is for a technician to come and set up the receiver and possibly a new Dish. But since he probably has the same SWM Traveler Dish on his RV that we do, it will do the satellite search automatically. All you need to do is move any HD receiver (not Client)into the MH.


We have a Genie in LR, HR24 DVR in BR and a 3rd Client wireless on the outside TV that is attached to the LR Genie. We have a smaller camper that has the old style dome, so we can use the BR DVR for it.

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Thank you all for such quick responses. We've been told so much by both Direct & Dish that we don't believe anything either of them tells us & I'm feeling my way in the dark so it's all greek to me. Will try the HR44 in the motorhome & investigate the configuration w/D12. I'll probably be back for more guidance!


Thanks again

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Will try the HR44 in the motorhome & investigate the configuration w/D12.




I don't think the D12 will work with the SWM setup in the house and the MH. That's probably why they said it was obsolete. It would work in a multi-switch setup but not in SWM.

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Thanks Joel. My FIL wants to be able to leave the HR44 in the house & the D12 in the motor home. The D12 used to work until they "upgraded" to the DVR technology with the HR44 in the house. Is this even possible?


The issue has nothing to do with upgrading to the DVR but is entirely due to the change from multiswitch configuration to SWM. SWM is the newer DirecTV approach for wiring a system.


I did a little more digging and it does appear that the D12 is SWM compatible even though the other "D" series units are not. Here's a chart of what DTV receivers are SWM compatible: http://www.solidsignal.com/p/?p=3056


So there is really nothing wrong with leaving the HR44 Genie in the house and putting the D12 in the MH on a permanent basis. The D12's setup will have to be changed to SWM but that's not difficult. All you need to do is let the Trav'ler find the satellites (it doesn't need any help from the receiver). Then go into the D12's menu and select Menu/Setup/Satellite Setup and select Switch Type = SWM and Antenna Type = SWM3. Then go through the remaining steps (just follow the prompts) and eventually you should be able to start watching TV. Once this setup has been done you won't have to repeat it.


The DTV installer probably viewed the D12 as horribly out of date, which it is. Compared to the HR44's speed of responding to a command the D12 will seem quite slow. It also can't receive DirecTV HD even though it will be connected to the Trav'ler which, of course, is an excellent automatic RV antenna for DirecTV HD use. That does seem like a waste since your father is already paying for HD service in order to have an HR44 in the first place. IMHO it would make more sense to buy an H24 HD receiver for $100 and install it in the MH. The monthly cost of doing that will be exactly the same as it would be if he used the D12.

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OMG Joel, you are an absolute sweetheart! We will give this a try. My Mother in law passed away earlier this year & it's just incredibly important to all of us kids to get him back into the MH. They were quite the travelers in their day & my FIL never skipped a beat with that D12. It's one of the things he knew to be true. We'll work on the D12 (it will give him something to do) & get the H24 for his Birthday.

Thanks again. I'll be sure to post the outcome!

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