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All Pet Lovers BOF Members with e-mail & Internet HELP

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This is Chris Davis of Pet Lovers BOF. My hard drive died on my computer taking all information, records, etc with it including all my e-mail addressess and BOF files. Members please e-mail me your contact information with a subject line of: Escapee Pet Lovers BOF Info. Send it to cfdnld@merr.com with a cc: to

toolman@merr.com (my husbands e-mail address). Also please e-mail any Pet Lovers BOF members you may know in case they hadn't heard. Thank you so much. God's blessings, Chris Davis

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Ouch, that is a painful experience and I'm sure you lost more than just the BoF and e-mail stuff.


I'd like to suggest that along with the new drive you get an inexpensive external drive that plugs into your USB port so you'll be able to keep copies of your important stuff on a second drive where it will be recoverable in a disaster.


Something like this for $60 is pretty nice, larger doesn't cost much more: http://smile.amazon.com/Passport-Ultra-Portable-External-WDBWWM5000ABY-NESN/dp/B00W8XXYH8/


Much smaller bit if you don't have a lot of files to save a thumb drive at $11 might be a good option too: http://smile.amazon.com/Lexar-JumpDrive-TwistTurn-Flash-LJDTT32GASBNA/dp/B0021AFXMC

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