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% off MSRP


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I've read that up to 30% is possible. Now Camping World has a new sales approach:


"This year, Camping World wants to help you celebrate Labor day with a new RV!
Which is why we are offering spectacular deals on all of our Inventory!
Save up to 40% off of MSRP on all New Inventory!"


Why is it someone is wanting to "help me"?


Many years ago a traveling salesman knocked on the door, when I answered, he said he was here to help me save money. I replied, "I'm saving $10 a week now, how much more will I be able to save after I listen to you? He just stammered, turned and walked away.

That's the way I feel about the CW add.

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I always laugh at the "up to" ads. There may be one RV, on some obscure lot that is a 2014 that never sold that they are marking down 40%. The rest may well be 0% off! All sorts of places runs these ads. I just ignore them. Add to that that RV's have no regulated MSRP so even that figure is meaningless.

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Now if the want to offer 40% off normal and usual pricing obtained from coast to coast averaging of all major MH retailers, I might not be so skeptical. :lol:

Skeptical? Of RV dealers in general and CW in particular? Cmon!

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In February 2015 I bought a new fiver from Camping World near Houston, Texas.

The list price was $67,900 and I paid $49,300.

If that was not a doctored MSRP then you did pretty well. So much depends upon the numbers that the dealers use and it is very difficult to know for sure that they have not been doctored. There is no law requiring RV dealers to even show you the factory MSRP and most do not. They put a few very small things on each one at a very inflated price and then use that total to show customers. Telling "exaggerations" seems to be on of the most common talents of sales people.


As Earl has said, those "up to" advertisements are just what sales folks call "puffery." They only guarantee that you will not get more than 40% off, but you can get far less and most do so. As long as the dealer can show that he has sold one item for the lager discount in the ad, they can't be taken to task and you have to prove that they didn't.

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It's all smoke and mirrors. The ONLY right answer to what the right price is is the price you are happy with.

We purchased a used DP at low wholesale and sold at high retail. Was that a good deal? I doubt it as there is always a better deal up the road. Or is there?



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Haven't been following prices for years as we can't find anything we like better than what we have but back in '06 Carriage also published their MSRP. We bought at 38% discount plus a couple of "extras" (2nd air, etc) and thought it was a reasonable deal. Have had friends report anywhere from -25 to -40 on new. Used is a ludicrous crap-shoot.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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