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parking recommendations Texas to Florida 2016

June Genis

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I will be traveling to a convention in Orlando that occurs over Memorial Day weekend next year. I will be roughly following I10 east from CA until Florida. Looking for recommendations on inexpensive but adequate places to stay. I will be spending about a week in San Antonio, Houston and New Orleans. Everything else is flexible as long as I'm in Orlando early in the week before Memorial day. Afterwards I will be roughly traveling I95 north with stops near Savannah and Charleston, a longer one in DC to do some genealogy at the National Archives, then Philly, NYC, CT (near Winsted preferably) and on to Escapade. I already know there really isn't a convenient location near NYC other than Liberty Harbor which is expensive, but I have family to visit there I will be going into the city often.


I can boondock (have solar and a generator) but my cats travel with me so will need electric anywhere that will be hot. Eventually I will be heading back to Jojoba Hills SKP Resort in CA but haven't begun to think about that part of my route. I'm hoping I might find some traveling companions at Escapade.



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First part is easy. Follow the SKP parks east.they come out to about a days drive apart, say 400 miles. San Antonio is tough. The best for location, on the city bus line, is a KOA. Cost of KOA and bus ticket versus parking in town and cheaper RV park is about a wash. April and May are starting to get warm, read that as hot and further to the East more humid. Up the East Coast by July can be like the Gulf Coast or nights in Vermont in the 60's.




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In San Antonio:

Travelers World RV Park. Very convenient to bus to downtown. Close to all the Missions which are well worth visiting.


Blazing Starr RV Park. Quite a ways from downtown, but a very nice park.


Greentree Village. About 2 miles from a quick Park & Ride bus to downtown. Not the nicest park in town, but safe & comfortable


KOA is reported to be on a bus line to downtown.


As mentioned above, go to RVParkReviews for details of the parks.


Coming across I-10 in early/mid May will be warm to hot. So you will want to stay in RV Parks & not Walmarts, unless you will run your generator & AC all night.

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