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3 Points of Contact At All Times - PROPS TO DIY GUY


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Big grateful props to DIY Guy today. Here's why.


We'd just arrived at our first HDT Rally in '08 before we had a trailer or truck. DIY Guy was the first to greet us and immediately following, "Hello. Welcome. I'm DIY Guy," gave us two incredible lessons:


1) Put your adult beverage in an unidentifiable cup when you are walking around the Hutch fair grounds, and

2) THREE POINTS OF CONTACT AT ALL TIMES when climbing into or out of an HDT.


Today I was backing out of the truck and my foot slipped just as I stepped down onto the first step. My weight had already shifted and my other foot was no help. I hung on for dear life with both hands, searching that no man's land between steps for something safe and solid. My head is still hurting from the hard stop my brain made when I caught myself, but I'm blessing DIY Guy because to this day I always hear "3 Points of Contact At All Times" before I start the climb or descent.


If not for that great lesson, I would have cracked my head on the edge of the slide behind me and finished the back dive on the concrete pavement below. Rock probably would have found me in a messy puddle when he got home, or at least by dinner time.


So, thank you Mark for a lesson well learned. Thank you, Father, for two opposable thumbs that work. And thanks to everyone at that first HDT rally which set us on a new course for life. We've attended every year since, and we always learn something awesome.


If you are planning on attending the HDT rally in Hutch and haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? Gail Dixon is making final preparations and the deadline to order T-Shirts is fast approaching.


Who knows if something you learn this October will save your life 7 years later?


(I have not been paid for this post by any rally planner, and no adult beverages were involved in today's incident.)


Don't know if Mark is still on the forum, but if you know him and can get in touch please pass on my most sincere thanks. All kidding aside, it was a close one today.

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Thank you for asking, Mr. Flyer. It was a little early in the day for adult beverages, however, my mission was to stock the fridge for the long road trip tomorrow. Adult beverages only travel in the fiver basement or indoor fridge.


We're having pizza delivered later this evening to share with friends... I'm sure there will be some cold cervesa involved then and the headache will be forgotten.


My croc-type shoe just slipped off the grate on the top step.

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Glad to hear that you're okay, Sheri.


I've been there and done that, too. Fortunately, I'm usually a stickler for three points of contact, too, and was doing so when I did as you did and slipped off the top step of the T2000 a couple of months ago. While it feels pretty silly to be hanging off the side of your truck by your arms, realizing how much worse it would have been had you not been coming down the right way really makes one appreciate just how important it is.

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Glad to hear you survived, I drove for UPS for 30 years and when we started in the tractor trailer division that is one of the 1st thing they PREACH to you plus we were in cab overs so farther to fall, what I could never figure out was when I slipped and scraped my shins on the steps why my pants never ripped but the skin on my shins were missing!!!!!

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Sheri, I am already sad thinking about missing the rally. I will miss seeing many friendly faces - especially yours! I am also sure there are many important things I need to know that I will be able to not learn this year. Such a wealth of Truck and RV info in a short amount of time! This would be rally #6 for us, but now we will have a large hole in our attendance record :(

BTW, we heard that advice at our first rally in 2010. I can't remember if it was Jay M or Steve D who first said it - we learned a great deal from them both.

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