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What are the Best Suspension Systems


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There are currently only two chassis manufacturers (Spartan and Freightliner) plus at least one coach manufacturer who makes their own chassis for a couple of models (Tiffin). IMHO none of them are any better than the others. Unless you are buying in the $1 million plus range, you are going to find they all drive about the same. The responses you are going to get from owners claiming their chassis is better are going to be pretty subjective.

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I can't recall ever hearing of an RV owner who ever had a Spartan chassis that was not happy with it. There are more than one motorhome builder that make their own chassis. Monaco does, Winnebago modifies some of theirs, I believe that Foretravel still does so, and so does Newell, and Prevost.

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Yes, Foretravel still makes their chassis, they are also building on a Spartan chassis. Ford is also building their F series chassis, and I believe Tiffin may still build a model with a "homemade" (non-derogatory) chassis. If you haven't experienced a difference in ride and handling of different chassis....you need a broader experience.

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Ride comfort is subjective anyway you look at it. Foretravel, Newell and Prevost all retail for over a million bucks. Monacos are using their Roadmaster chassis and Tiffin Breezes, Busses and Zephyrs are using their PowerGlide chassis. Leaving the vast majority of coaches sitting on Freightliner or Spartan with Spartan being a distant second to Freightliner. Since the OP mentioned 40' DPs and air suspensions, I didn't include Ford in my response.


Most folks who buy DPs for fulltiming don't really get much of a choice about which suspension they are going to be riding on - which was the OPs original question.


If you are going to buy used and older than 5-7 years, you are going to start seeing more choices in chassis manufacturers.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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