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Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort (Newport, OR) Lot 53 for Rent

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As summer moves past, Margaret and I are now offering "off season" rates on the amenities of the Pacific Shores Motor Coach Resort through the fall and winter seasons until June 1, 2016.

You'll be staying on our Lot 53, and the indoor pool and exercise facilities will be available to you with little or no competition for their use. It's like having your own private swimming pool! Even in the winter months, the Oregon Coast is temperate, 40's and 50's, and while it can be wet, there can be periods of exceptional weather.

Bring your internet subscriptions like Comcast Xfinity GO, or Netflix, because our Lot 53 offers dedicated 60Mbps internet just for your use rather than a "park WIFI system". You'll also have Cable TV available with 100 channels, and the antenna reception allows for 5-6 local HD channels (Portland, Oregon repeaters).

Walks along the beach by way of the resort's private beach access trail will invigorate you and every day's weather will be different.

We've got dates left in September (8th onward), so there's still plenty of good weather into October for those of you looking for getaways with milder weather, at extremely attractive rates. See our website -


Mike and Margaret Groves
Owners - Lot 53 at Pacific Shores

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Just wanted to share how much my wife and I have enjoyed our stay in space 53. Nice park, nice people and good value. And the weather has really cooperated so far too! Has been a good place to sit back and hang, check out some historic areas, stroll the beaches, and catch some killer sunsets.


Mike and Margaret are very thorough in communication, and I look forward to meeting them in person down the road.


Many thanks to Mike and Margaret, and my best to all,


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