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Polished my nuts today


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Well the new company truck needs some bling.

So I took the hub caps that my son gave me off my old truck. And took a buffing wheel to a set of Old wheel nuts.

Couple people ask about polishing stainless well here you go. C5651282-EE25-4E9C-878D-E3FB475205EA_zps

Here's the before along with one I cleaned up.



I used a bench grinder with a soft wheel and I use green rouge.


I need a new gaurd I know


And the finished product.

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Lookin' good. My old lug nut covers were cheap chrome and badly rusted. They wouldn't polish up like yours did. Charlie

Give it a try some of the old covers are chrome. But most are plastic or low grade stainless that will show signs of rust.

I had my son price new ones Wow it was about $57 for 60ea of stainless or up to $200 for plastic.

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Broncohauler, YOU WERE RIGHT !!!! Because my lug nuts were so rusty and strongly attracted by a magnet, I WRONGLY assumed that they were chrome and damaged beyond repair. At your urging, I tried one on a wire wheel and it looks great, I will try a polishing wheel and if that doesn't take the rust off well enough, I will wire brush and then polish them. THANKS, Charlie

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You should be fine with just a medium not to firm buffing wheel. They make other Color rouge grays usually for stainless but to be honest I think green works the best.

For the hubcaps I use turtle wax chrome polish and an old sock turned inside out that works the best for me.

And honestly the hubcaps are fairly cheap to buy new.

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