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Alternate source for some Volvo parts


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I just ordered a boost sensor for my Volvo D12D engine from aliexpress.com for $49.00. Go to the site and search for 20700060. Looks like a potentially long delivery time but that doesn't matter so much for pre-need parts. They also have other Volvo sensors, etc. I have no afiliation with this site but thought it might be of interest to others. Use at your own risk. Be safe. Charlie

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Jack, I am pretty sure that it is aftermarket. I have had good results with aftermarket parts but I realize you pay your money and take your chances. I'm not sure about how many OEM parts on our Volvos are actually made by Volvo or made to their specs by outside vendors. Your point is well taken, though. [That is why I put the "use at your own risk" sentence in]. Be safe. Charlie

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Just got off the phone with OTR Performance which sells the turbo boost sensor. Wanted to be sure it was an OEM product before ordering. They told me it is aftermarket and replaces OEM but is not OEM. I asked about the manufacturer and was informed their supplier purchases from overseas but couldn't say for sure if it was Chinese Manufacture since packing had no label. I am not posting this to snub anyone who purchased from OTR but strictly for information purposes. I'm thinking sclord2002 site may be where I purchase and I'm thinking may be the supplier. Price is significantly less. If anyone has info about a direct OEM replacement please post as this project just entered into my long bucket list.


On edit class8truckparts advertises genuine Volvo part.

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Aliexpress.com is a subsidiary of alibaba.com. Neither of them sell anything - they are simply marketplaces for thousands of Chinese companies. The likelihood if finding an OEM product on either site is right around 0%. There are decent products to be found on these sites, but you have to do your homework. It's still a crap shoot as there are lots of junk/knock-offs/scams. Not worth it IMO, unless it's something that you can't source from more legitimate channels.


Here's a link that sums it up nicely: http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2014/05/07/aliexpress_com_is_alibaba_s_factory_direct_marketplace_replete_with_scams.html

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