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SOLD! - '06 Teton 39' Frontier Royal, loaded with options!

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SOLD! - 2006 Teton 39’ Frontier Royal


Vehicle ID; 416768 – Champagne Beige w/ Zephyr and Cherry Interior


Specially ordered and original owner spent time at Teton during construction. Family health changes resulted in a sale after only about an estimated 6,500 highway miles. List at that time was $243,759.


There are many options too numerous to mention, but here are a few of the majors:


Mechanical and Electric Highlights


  • Timbren “Dakota” air ride suspension with triple, disc brake axles and axle dump
  • 4 – 100w solar panels from AM Solar
  • 4 – Lifeline Group 8 AGM (1,000 amp) batteries
  • MPPT500 solar battery regulator by BZ Products
  • 2,800w Magnum Energy pure sine wave inverter/charger
  • Xantrex battery and EMS 120v monitoring systems
  • “Big Foot” hydraulic leveling
  • Motosat MD500 automatic internet dish with Dish or DirectTV capabilities
  • Skid roller on rear and a 5,000# hitch with rear facing back-up or toad monitor camera
  • Twin Temp #2, propane heating and hot water system


Interior Highlights


  • Maple interior upgrade with cherry stain. Center Kitchen island with fold up added countertop.
  • 2 – Fantastic Fans and 2 – Duo Therm AC units, kitchen has added heat pump feature
  • Whirlpool, G.E. clothes dryer, Dirt Devil built-in vacuum w/ hose and attachments
  • G.E. Artica PSH23PSRSV, 120v., side by side, 23 cu ft. refrigerator
  • Fisher-Paykel DS603-SS dish washer drawer below range top
  • Amana SS convection microwave and optional Teton 120v. kitchen florescent light fixture
  • Sharp Aquos 45” LCD TV model LC-45GD5U and Sony DVP-NS70H DVD player with HMDI upgrade
  • JVC Home Theater system for TV viewing


More Options


  • Basement Joey bed instead of Teton. Arctic package. Upgraded 5gpm water with accumulator.
  • 3 – Colorado Carefree awnings and toppers.
  • Original factory list with options selected and cost included.


A Few Specs


  • Pin weight as used – 5,500#, Empty weight – 16,000#+, Loaded weight – 23,000#


Since being sold there are more options (approximately $3,750) added as follows:


  • BlueDot air over hydraulic brakes
  • Washer/Dryer cabinet was lined and trimmed with 18ga. SS (in case of leakage)
  • LED factory taillights as used on newer Teton models and LED side lights
  • MaxAir fan covers that allow the roof vents to stay open and not let rain enter
  • Fold-up bracket with gas shocks for 32’ Sharp TV in bedroom
  • Pressure regulator and plumbing for incoming water control
  • SS lined storage box for heat unit and storage of spare parts
  • LED scare lights (bus back-up units)
  • Hidden, built in safe in basement and added security wall

HOWEVER, it hasn’t moved in the 7 years I have owned it and now due to our life changes we must sell it and here are items that need completion or repair:

  • New tires, these are now 9 years old and haven’t moved in all that time *****(see below)****
  • Clearcoat repair (major undertaking) and this will take sanding and respraying clear coat)
  • 2 – Interior leaks. One by entry door and one on the rear wall. The one by the door will need experienced work to repair and replace that wall panel.
  • The original 2 – recliner chairs inside have been removed to use in our house, it now needs two interior chairs
  • Completion tasks (none are serious jobs):
    1. Airbrake/suspension plumbing. All parts are installed, but final hoses need to be connected.
    2. There now is a BigFoot remote control and new controller. It needs to have sensor mounted and wired inside.
    3. Minor wiring after removing the electric/hydraulic brake system


Asking price: $40,000 - WHICH WILL INCLUDE 6 NEW HD TIRES MOUNTED BEFORE BEING DRIVEN AWAY. At least a $2,600+ savings.

Location: 45 mile SE of Nashville

Contact: Russ Barnes

Phone: 615-330-6930

Email: barnstormer36@gmail.com

Message me for photos!

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Very nice trailer. I would not let the minor repair items scare you. The wall repair can be accomplished many ways. I'm assuming the leaks were repaired properly.

Jack, I think Russ meant the leaks are still an item to be repaired, and the wall, and rear cap area will need professional repair.

The way I understood the description, it is in need of these substantial repairs.


If not Russ will surely straighten me out.



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While I like Jack's optimism, RIck is correct that the repairs are still needed. And while there are several capable do-it-yourselfers out there, one would have to consider a professional. Maybe the interior for a few DIY's, but the outside will take a large spray booth and lot's of sanding. Were I still doing these things I'd Line X the front to resist tree limbs, bird and bug impacts and it would be forever, but the sides will need a painters skill.


And for the record, after finding the leaks I did take steps to stop further decay, but that doesn't mean the source has been resolved, again due to the depth of repair required, once it is started.


I do have to criticize the Teton team for the clearcoat issues since my '04 Ford that I bought new and it has sat outside in the same sun and weather for even longer has no UV, sun or weather damage. I suspect a poor application since most is on the LH side. And the two leaks seem to be from 1) a plugged drain in the rear window as I did a lot of spaying from the rear AC down to see if I could find it. And 2) the leak by the slide was clearly a poor joint at the top corner of the slide opening vs. the roof which since I couldn't move it to a shop for repair I have covered with plastic sheet and tape which has kept it from getting worse for a couple years since I found it. Sadly neither of these showed until the water had lifted the vinyl on the wallboard and by then the damage was done.


Of course the tires speak for themselves as that is a matter of sitting one place for 9 years and not being exercised. I would not move it to the closest RV park without changing those.


Thanks for the comments, but I need to be honest with anyone who reads this.


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While I like Jack's optimism, RIck is correct that the repairs are still needed. And while there are several capable do-it-yourselfers out there, one would have to consider a professional.


Hmmm, I misunderstood that the leaks were stopped....that does change things some. It could still be a good deal for DIY guys. I'd have to see it to know if it was something I'd tackle myself. The interior walls can be pulled based on Teton construction and any wood rot fixed pretty easily. Hopefully the leaks were caught before that issue occurred. The typical leak under a window will rot the floor in that area and the wall studs. Teton used wood. New wallboard inside could be easily done and the decor changed out at the same time to match the wallboard. I doubt the Teton wallboard is available. I'd probably put paintable wallpaper over the patched area and everywhere else in the lower deck and paint it. It will look better than the tyypical RV wallboard, anyway.


The exterior is a typical paint issue. I'd simply have the entire exterior painted. I'd put four coats of clear on it. At the same time I'd put in new frameless double pane windows. That would change the look totally. Cost should be in the under 18K range for both paint and windows, if done in Indiana.

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