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And the squeaky wheel gets the grease!


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First of all a huge thank you to a responsive emp!oyee at the VA Dental Clinic in Butler PA

Ron needs a drug for his severe Osteoporosis and another diagnosis makes him a high risk for fall and fracture. Because he needed extensive dental surgery (on our dime that we could not afford) we were at a stand still.

The clinic in Butler initially denied him because he didn't fit into their big three categories. The first young lady who talked to us was unresponsive to the need and offered no help Just kept saying no the book says he doesn't qualify

Being the old Ombudsman that I am, I decided to keeping banging on the door. A detailed conversation with some one else resulted in her taking the p!ea to their dentist. He personally reviewed Ron's records and put in a referral to the Director of Dentistry at Pittsburgh.

We were notified this AM that whike they can't make him dentures they will do all the extractions etc even if it requires doing it in the OR by the oral surgeon. And he has an appointment in less than 10 days

And believe it or nor it only took 2 days for it to happen

So to all who are struggling keep knocking on the doors for what you need until the last possible person says no. Then knock again

It does concern me that there are those out there who just accept what is written and don't have an advocate.

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Linda that is fabulous news. My hubby needed an MRI and the appointment was for 8 months down the road, with umpteen phone calls enquiring day after day for a cancellation (so many folks cancel in the 11th hour and more even just don't turn up), he was in for his MRI within less than 3 weeks, and would have been sooner if we hadn't been down south a couple of hours dealing with a different issue. Also, he had a successful rotator cuff surgery back around 2005 IIRC, then a year half ago went to our GP regarding the other shoulder, who said they won't do them over 50 years old now (he's 58+) - I contacted his old surgeon and he was in and seen and opened within a few months, alas this one was too late to be repaired and has 3 broken strings in there. Consequently, we agree don't take the first or even second NO as the answer, and you are so correct = the squeaky wheel gets the most grease. Our hearts go out though to those often elderly sweeties that "don't want to be a bother" so to speak and lose out in that respect, still we've got to fight for our loved ones needs nonetheless.

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Well I'll admit we use out Tricare for Life for outpatient most of the time. It just so happened that during his annual physical (he has to go once a year to VA because he finally has a small disability rating for his tinnitus)at the VA we had a new practioner who payed attention to his back. So that got the ball rolling I'm sure that if we had gone directly to try and get dental with private Dr records it may have been a much harder road. I was floored that they agreed.

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