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Failure to position to first unread post in a topic I am a contributor to


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This has been around for many releases of RVnetwork.com.


The setup: Clicking View New Content


In the list of topics with new posts, clicking the subject line always brings up the next unread post in that topic but not in a topic you have previously replied to. This is a great inconsistency because clicking the asterisk in front of that subject line always takes me to the first unread post in that thread.


If it is a topic that I have not contributed to, then just clicking the subject line always positions me to the first unread post in the thread but in threads I have contributed to, it may just always bring up the first post of the thread instead of the first unread post.


If this is supposed to work this way then how about making the Asterisk a lot larger so it is an easier target to click on for those with feeble eyes and fumbly fingers? As it is right now, one must always click the small asterisk to be certain that they will go straight to the first new unread post or manually have to scroll down through the older posts to find it and this may be several pages deep in long threads.


It fails like this on Chrome, IE 11 and Firefox so it seems to not be browser dependent. I have not tried it on Edge because I don't use it for SKP forums.


Like I said, this has been a problem for years and the optimist in my has been patiently waiting for someone to fix it. After this last systems change to RVNETWORK.com, I decided I had waited long enough because as long as it continues to fail like this it is like constantly scratching the scab off of a sore that you got 4 years ago. It just ain't never gonna be right.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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