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Travelling nurse


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We are wondering if there are any full timers on here that are working as travel nurses?

My wife is wanting to do travel nursing and has been for the last 2 years. We are trying to find some so we know what companies are good to work with and so on and so forth.

If there are anyone that can shed some light let us know.


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I am a little bit surprised by the lack of responses since I know that there are fulltimers who work as travel nurses and have spent time next to several of them, especially when stopping in an RV park that is in or near a city. The subject has come up here on the forums in the past and usually does get replies. Perhaps my adding these remarks will generate more interest, since I know that they are out there. :P

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Try looking thru some of these blogs http://www.hitchitch.com/links.html I also have read several topics, blogs and web pages where they are traveling nurses. Have you tried a google web search containing the words rv, traveling nurses? Might come up with so ideas.

My ex-wife was a traveling nurse, but she stayed in company apts, and condo's. It worked well for her, not so much for us.

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Travel nursing and rving are made for each other and as you learn to work the system you can make really good money. You don't want to go with just one company as they may not have a job in the area you want to go to. Tell them where you want to go and see what they can come up with.

The best way to rv is see what they can come up with as far as an rv park or look yourself, find where you want to stay (do you want cheap or some amenities) and then negotiate your living expense reimbursement. They can also lower your wages but give you a larger living expense instead, no taxes on living expenses.

You can get better benefits such as health, retirement, livings expenses, travel expenses to jobs, sign on bonuses and also extension bonuses.


I also forgot that your recruiter works for you if there are any problems such as staffing, floating bad situations ect.

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Sue was a travel nurse during our first two years as full-timers. She secured several jobs—some through agencies, others directly through the HR dept. at a hospital in the area where we wanted to visit. Many hospitals welcome temporary workers as their local populations swell during the winter (Florida, Arizona, etc...) and need health care workers to cover that surge. Not sure of your area of expertise but Sue had no difficulty finding work as an RN in ICU.

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I have researching this idea myself for about 2 months now. I have a more specialized nursing resume so I think it might be more difficult but one website I found very helpful was BluePipes. It is all about nursing but then has a very extensive

blog about Travel nursing that has some wonderful information on it, I would recommend checking them out, they are not an agency but information only. Lots to think about and yes, the non-taxed money is the bigg thing that works for RV's as staying in an RV park for $500-800 a month is going to put money in your pocket, but the salary that is taxable is usually lower than what you are currently getting. Good luck, I know there is plenty of opportunity if you are a hospital trained nurse, also check out Hywy Hyperdermic (not sure of the spelling?) web site, they rank the agencies and it is very credible, good place to start looking so you find an agency that is reputable.

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