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Domicile in Florida


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Welcome, Kirk And others on this great forum will be along soon to share their knowledge with you. You came to the right place. I believe you can keep your Fl. Domicile by using the skp mail service, Fl is one of the most popular states, along with Tx and SD.



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Teri & Bob, Welcome to the Escapee's RV Club and also to the club's open forums! We are very happy to have you join in and be a part of the group. We have a large knowledge base here and helping each-other is what the makes the forums work so join in at any time.


The issue of what to claim as your domicile is one that is often made to sound much more simple than it probably should be. I suggest that you may find it helpful to read an article which I wrote for Escapee's Magazine a couple of years back on the subject. The key question is, where do you expect to land when you choose to stop traveling all of the time? Florida happens to be one of the three most popular states for domicile by RV fulltimers and for many reasons, but there is no reason to change unless you wish to do so. Escapees do have the ability to supply you with a physical address in FL, as well as in TX or SD but I suspect that since you are already established in FL, it would be easiest to keep that state as domicile and just pick up mail service. Since you are already a member of Escapees it would seem wise to simply take advantage of the tremendous mail service that they provide. Your address for your driver's license, vehicle registrations, insurance, and voter registration would just move to Sumter Oaks RV park and your mail could be handled by the club. You could probably make the needed changes to those items via the mail, since you would have no need to change states, just as we did when going fulltime as a resident of TX when changing to Escapees in Livingston.


There might be some reason that you would wish to change states of domicile and that decision should involve some in depth study, but if you have no reason to leave Florida, keeping your present domicile with just an address change would probably be the easiest way.

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Florida mail forwarding services.






Good Sam I think they use #1 or #2




A google search will find more. Stay with Florida since you already have license & registrations in place.

You can renew them on line. Won't you come back in winter to see your present doctors?


You will probably need to change your vehicle insurance to a company that covers Full Timers. Not all do.


I use a friends FL. address for my mail. I do all banking, bills etc. on line, so have no need for any mail being forward while I am gone in summer.

And am signed up for paperless with all bills, CC etc. So after being gone for over 5 months or so. I come back to a 1/2 Walmart plastic bag of mail.

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