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Microsoft's third Windows 10 cumulative update said to fix Store issues


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"Microsoft officials say the latest Windows 10 cumulative update fixes problems some users were having with Windows Store. What else is in it? We have no idea.


Microsoft rolled out late on August 14 the third cumulative update for Windows 10 since the product began rolling out to users on July 29.


The newest cumulative update is KB3081438. The Microsoft Support page says nothing about the specific features and fixes that are new to this update beyond "This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10."


But a Microsoft spokesperson did let me know that the new update is designed to fix the Windows 10 Store issues which had been affecting a number of us Windows 10 users for the past week. A number of us were unable to access the Store, obtain app updates and/or download new apps. In some cases, Windows Store apps like Mail and Calendar were also not working.


"KB 3081438 is now available resolving the Store issues," said the spokesperson in response to my question about what Microsoft was doing to fix the Store issues. Company officials declined to say anything beyond that about what specifically caused the Store problems. I was told "Microsoft has nothing further to share."


Here's the odd thing: For me and a number of others affected by the Windows 10 Store glitch, KB3081438 wasn't needed to fix the Store issues. On the morning of August 14 -- hours before the third cumulative update started rolling out via Windows Update -- our Stores and Store apps just started working normally again, seemingly without us applying any kind of fix via Windows Update. I am happy to say my Store and Store apps seem to still work even after applying the latest update."


There are several pages more in the article that is a must read if you are running Windows 10 here: http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsofts-third-windows-10-cumulative-update-said-to-fix-store-issues/?tag=nl.e539&s_cid=e539&ttag=e539&ftag=TRE17cfd61

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On the surface (metaphorically speaking) it seems like a lot of "fixes" coming out for windows 10. The reality is that because win 10 support philosophy has changed, these fixes are coming out onesey-twosey on a daily basis instead of the less frequent globs of multiple fixes that we have known in the past.


This is a real advantage because most of these will not be huge cumulative fixes but much smaller ones that can download and install much faster and usually be much easier to back out if necessary. This new paradigm also makes it much easier to determine which fix may have not yet been ready for your system. One fix, one problem, one very specific cause for a new issue.


The downside may be for full timers that don't have very good ongoing Internet connectivity. However, in that case, smaller fixes may help dilute the network impact while being downloaded so one can still use their internet for other things, too.

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This just reported by Forbes...


Welcome to some unwanted deja vu. Last week Microsoft released a cumulative bug fix for Windows 10 which caused endless loops. Now Microsoft has released a cumulative bug fix to address it and guess what? Yes, it is also causing Windows 10 computers to crash over and over again…

‘KB 3081438′ was pushed to Windows 10 users on Friday and the ever alert InfoWorld has spotted reports popping up all over the web of users who find the update will only partially install, get stuck, then force their computers to reboot. After rebooting Windows 10 automatically begins reinstalling KB 3081438 again and the endless cycle has begun.

What isn’t helping matters is the policy Microsoft has introduced with Windows 10 of not explaining what these updates do. With detailed information more educated attempts could be made at fixes, but like the last two Windows 10 patches (KB 3081424 on August 5th and KB 3081436 on August 12th), KB 3081438 simply says:

“This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10.”

There’s also no way to know what type of patch KB 3081438 is, which causes a further problem when it comes to prevention: Windows 10 driver and feature updates can be uninstalled and stopped from reinstalling using the tool Microsoft released shortly after launch, but security updates cannot be stopped by any means using any Windows 10 edition.

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I had no issue beyond the partition change on the cloned SSD. In fact, as I said with 8 upgrades, the dang company has outdone themselves. Nadella's MS isn't Ballmer's castle keep anymore. Let's also remember the Laptop I am using was one I refurbished just to see how it does on an old native 7 system. I had the spare hard drive since another SSD had a firmware issue that resolved just before I RMA'd it for a boot error on my i5 backup Lenovo desktop I just sold last month or so. That guy preferred the 1TB Hybrid by Seagate to the Crucial 256 BX 100. I have another Windows 7 Compaq that is even older but in perfect shape and I have one last spare Kingston 100GB SSD which really is slow but might work for it. That Windows 7 unit I also refurbished and factory restored. Despite having 64 bit Windows 7, it has DDR2 RAM and only had 2 GB. I bought a matched set of 4GB (2X2) for it and it runs great. It was never moved from new. Anyway, I will be testing it on Windows 10 as it passed the reserve Windows scan and I will first try to upgrade it with its own drive and then if it really works well will keep the image and try the SSD. Now that I know the fix for the cloned drive error on the too small data partition it is no sweat. I have images of both fully updated after factory restoring, and both are local accounts named owner and owner1. That's how I name them when I have more than one computer destined to be sold.


I am also second guessing selling this ASUS T200 TAC. My wife could not care about its lack of a full size USB port and it makes more sense to sell the Venue 11 Pro. The Venue has full HD the ASUS does not. Venue: has a full size USB on the tablet for direct connecting without docking. T200 needs to be docked to use the USB 3. Venue 2 GB RAM/T200 4GB. Venue 32 bit Windows/T200 64 bit. T200 has full size Ethernet port/Venue none. T200 has extra hard drive expansion port in the keyboard/Venue no keyboard or 2nd drive expansion port.


So when I get my Surface later, I guess I will also get the keyboard cover. If I do that then I will get a much faster and larger SSD for the keyboard dock. I don't like rust drives in any of my mobile platforms so accidents don't crash heads. I keep images but still am not sure about the Windows 8 native UEFI and restoring images. I have got to get that perfected for me as I depended heavily on images for the last ten years, first using Ghost, then Acronis, and then Windows system image which to me was the most reliable of them all.


I am in a construction zone, having our new house set up, and we're living with our two dogs in our smallish 28.5 vacation 5th wheel. This is definitely not a full time unit. But surprisingly did very well in 105 degree weather keeping it cool albeit until the temps got back below triple digits it never cycled off. So I've not gotten back to a routine with time and inclination to do my normal thorough review and understanding of all the new features and changes.


I am not hesitating because of any concern for it not being stable. Their ongoing patches and improvements and the vendor's assistance with drivers in some cases, and my pleasant surprise at it working on the older Windows 7 laptops I am keeping long enough to learn 10 with for now, makes it certain I will upgrade all my systems to Windows 10. I am also buying my wife a Windows phone and switching to the Verizon plan which will save money and give us more data than we will ever use. 95% of my data use is at home with WiFi. Same with Lynn. But for scans in a store etc the Verizon LTE is second to none here in this area. AT&T is poor coverage here, the others none in most areas off the Interstate so Verizon towers on Straight talk or now Verizon direct are our only two reliable choices in this area/region. I mention that because I am looking more forward to the Windows phone upgrade to 10 than my computers. I love 8.1, but am not going to stay behind from privacy concerns that I consider to be unfounded with MS and Apple, both of which sell hardware and software, not user data and private information for 100% of revenues like Google and all Android and android derivatives. Not to mention the current vulnerabilities and attacks that don't require any user errors. Just receiving the email without opening cam compromise Android devices that are not updated. I already know that if my wife's phone is running Android 2.3 Samsung is not patching hers. And even those they do patch are usually very late after the vulnerabilities are released. All the vendors are guilty. Windows phones like their PCs will all be patched as needed promptly by Microsoft, no waiting on vendors.


My ecosphere will not be assimilated by the borg (an)droids. We remain loyal to the federation. Admiral Nadella has overhauled the warp drives. And we have made peace with the MacKlingons who we assist with programs and codes from the Windows federation.

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