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Well, now look what you've done!


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Hello, all! Since our fulltime adventure ended last year, I've been mostly lurking and not posting. But I've been reading!


We landed back here in San Antonio, cleaned up our rental property (so we could live in it), sold the RV (many tears were shed!), and started living the anchored life once again. Two kids headed off to college, and we are diligently working toward getting two more graduated from high school (homeschooling) soon.


But the bug bit us! While we were traveling, we visited MANY national parks and absolutely fell in love with them.


Well, DH has been dissatisfied with his current job here with the DoD, so he is quitting his job next month.


But the good news is -- he's got a new job in a national park! (Big Bend NP, here in Texas) He starts in September!


The kids and I will remain in San Antonio until the next one graduates (spring 2016), then it is likely that three kids and I will be joining DH to live in BBNP with him.


After having that taste of life outside the rat race, we just couldn't adjust to going back to it again. DH has to continue working for now (soon we will have four kids in college - $$$$), so what better place to work than inside a national park!


So a new chapter of life is starting for us soon. It will be first time in DH's adult life that he will venture away from the DoD, so that's a little scary for us. He's been either in the military or a DoD civilian employee for thirty years this summer.


We are very excited about this change coming up, and wanted to say that if you find yourself in Big Bend National Park, stop in and say hello!

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Sounds exciting. So happy for you. Where will you live when the rest of you move? In an RV?


Linda Sand

DH will live in park employee housing while the kids and I stay behind in this house. Then we will join him there. No RV in our foreseeable future. 'Cept maybe a truck camper.

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Sounds like you are moving into a whole new adventure! I can only imagine your feelings and excitement. If you don't mind sharing, what sort of job will he be moving to? A park ranger position?

Kirk, I answered you privately.

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