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Traveling into Canada any food restrictions?


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Okay we are going cross though Canada from MI over to Niagara Falls NY


Now my question is the food we have in our refrigerator / freezer


is there any restrictions on eggs,chicken,raw meat that is not allowed to in to Canada?


we are fulltimers so we do have a freezer full of those items.


Heading over later next week.


we are Just Crossing over not even spending a night.

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We've had so much food = different each and every time we've crossed, confiscated over the years heading into the USA, we now don't take anything other than sandwiches ready made up, coffee, teabags, condiments and milk to last us till we can get to the first largest town to stock up. Too much head shaking over too many years with no rhyme or reason many times. Being ex-farmers we are cognizant of contamination when there are issues like mad cow disease, foot and mouth, avian flu, Dutch Elm Disease, bugs/flies multiplying that know there's a border crossing and not to cross over it on their own and so on and so forth, but some of the things we've had confiscated as RVers and the minute quantities of for obvious personal consumption, we've just given up and don't take anything any more. It's just too much of a headache and hold ups to even bother.


Ironically as Canadians coming back into Canada, we've never in two decades been asked about our food on board, just any repairs to the rig and what did we purchase down there bringing back in = very quick and easy always has been our personal experience. Those from the USA coming north, I believe need to be aware of dog foods, uncooked meats, fruits, dairy products, wood and almost every time asked about weapons and Bear Sprays etc. For an accurate up to date of what's not allowed, it's far best to go to the official website source on non-admissible items whichever way one travels. This changes all the time, on what the issue of the day appears to be - so check with officialdom nearer time of travel if I were you.


At the crossing we always have our passports, duty free receipt, and a brief note of anything relevant purchased etc to hand to the officer - with zero foods the past couple years we've sailed through, prior to that we had search after search and always made to pull over and take in 2 small tomatoes or 9 grapes or an M&M's lasagne ....... to line up at the office to hand in.


C'est La Vie, just clench teeth, make a smile and do what you have to do to get back on your way and start enjoying your time away.

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is there any restrictions on eggs,chicken,raw meat that is not allowed to in to Canada?



Since you've posted this on virtually every RV forum, my presumption is that you're hoping to hear a different answer if you keep asking the same question. What you can take into Canada is clearly defined on this website; there's no reason to go to third-party sites or to listen to people tell you what happened to them the last time they crossed the border: http://www.inspection.gc.ca/food/information-for-consumers/travellers/what-can-i-bring-into-canada-/eng/1389648337546/1389648516990


Notice at the top of this webpage the special instructions with regard to poultry products. Unless you can definitively prove where they originated you will not be able to take them into Canada. It doesn't matter if you are spending a night or just driving through.


None of this means that you will definitely be asked about anything you are carrying. However, the border agents have a right to ask you about any of it and they can literally go through every cupboard in your RV if they wish to search. In June the only questions we were asked were about alcohol and guns but we were fully compliant with the poultry restrictions anyway.


Since you clearly don't want to empty your fridge the one thing I would urge you not to do is lie to the border agents. That is a serious offense and you could find yourself in serious trouble including the possibility of being unable to enter the country entirely. Remember, it's their country and they make the rules.

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