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Oregon / California 101

Bearand Moon

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Depends on how far down into CA you're headed. Oregon's a non issue for your rig. Beautiful drive. A little slow maybe going through towns if it's a busy day at the coast, but 101 won't give you any trouble. Northern CA isn't bad at all either, but the further South you go it will start to get a little hairy. 101's going to pull you inland around Eureka. I certainly wouldn't recommend picking up Hwy 1 in that large of a rig.


Just past Eureka I would probably take off on 36 into Red Bluff (I-5), or possibly go as far as Redwood Valley and head over to the 5 on 20. South of San Jose you could always jump back over to 101 by taking 152 into 156 through Hollister. At least until you down to around Ventura. I always hate the drive much more South into L.A. and S.D. if I can avoid it.


Don't get me wrong.. 101's "driveable" pretty much all the way down, but it's slowww... hott... going following it all the way through S.F. and the like.


Have fun!

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I don't know that I'd agree that 101 is easy if you have not traveled it before, but it is very possible and you will not be the only large RV on the roads as it is a very scenic trip and one that I strongly recommend. Plan to spend several days in the trip as there is much to see and experience and most of the road the one driving is too busy to really appreciate the views. To me, that is one of the most scenic coastal stretches in the country.

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"Just past Eureka I would probably take off on 36 into Red Bluff (I-5)" - You obviously have not taken 36 between US101 and I-5. It gets down to a lane and a half in places and is no place for a big rig. CA20 is closed due to fires, which is normally the best route between the highways. We have driven US101 from just north of San Francisco all the way north into Washington, it is doable in a big rig.

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We drove 36 only a few weeks back in a pickup. I'm sure there are signs with length limits. You have to be a brave, or foolish, soul to take an rv that way. Some big climbs and many many very tight turns. Slow and hairy in places. We nearly got cleaned a few times by vehicles going to fast on some curves.

Not an rv friendly road at all.

Now some one will come back and say "we've done it and there are no issues"! No way would I even consider it.

101 is fine except for some slow sections many many large vehicles do it all the time.



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We drove 299 from Redding to Arcata in April 2014. It's about 140 miles and though sometimes very twisty, it was fine. We are 67.5 feet overall so I used google maps and Google Earth to examine the drive and used their Street View to zoom in and virtually "drive" the places that it looked like it might be a problem. I saw some apparently very sharp hairpin turns in places but the street view showed the road to have plenty of room in those areas. In a few cases, it showed full Tractor Trailer trucks and RVs on the road so I had some perspective about relative sizes of things.


299 takes you through Weaverville and the Trinity Alps area of California. My map pgm says there are about 14 grades over 4% along this route and 140 miles to Redding.


36 has 21+ grades over 4% and is nearly 160 miles.


Personally, I found 299 OK in our rig but I will say I was definitely tired when we got to Arcata.


Route 20 does not currently show any work. Ck that at: http://www.dot.ca.gov/cgi-bin/roads.cgi


Unless you have a need to go over to I-5, you might just want to stick with 101 all the way down. As a US highway, you know 20 is going to be big rig friendly.

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