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Well, I went out to pull the HDT (95 WIA) out of the shed so I could get to my combine....and it did something it had never done before. Instead of firing right up, it coughed and sputtered and finally caught. THEN--it ran for about 2 minutes and suddenly died like I turned off the key. I got it to just hiccup once since then.


This truck does not have any extra filters on it, just the one spin on mounted on the fuel pump right behind the air compressor. I've never worked on these engines fuel system before, I'm looking for some info.


First...there is a electric solenoid mounted on the fuel pump. It does not have 12V on it with the key on. That feels wrong to me.

2nd...where can I crack a line to check if the pump is making pressure? There is a big hose coming out of the block to the filter, and a small pipe coming out the top of the pump. Can some one link me to a fuel flow diagram for these motors?

3rd...any tips about bleeding these things if/when I find the problem?


I really don't want to have to call a tech out when All I need is to pull the thing out and then put it back again!!



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Ah those SNEAKY grounds. Once again, the problem is chased back to a ground wire. I normally unhook all the grounds on the battery for storage. This time I missed one small ground wire when I was hooking things up. After the engine died, I looked and reconnected it, but the truck still wouldn't start. I ran a 12V jumper to the solenoid, and it still didn't start. ONLY after disconnecting everything, letting it sit for 5-10 minutes, and then reconnecting all the grounds properly... the truck fired right up.


BTW, After disconnecting/reconnecting all the wires properly, I also cracked the line on the top of the pump and cranked over the engine a few times. Fuel came out so I retightened that and then it started right up.


I did some reading on this issue, seems that cutoff solenoid may not be on all the time, just when the ECM determines that pressure is needed. Notice I said might...the article I was looking at wasn't exactly clear.


I would have just about bet I had a fuel leak somewhere...it sure acted like one.

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