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Giving up unlimited date

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I have a verizon unlimited data plan. I never exceed 3gb per month. Should I give up the plan to save approx $25.00 per month? I use the phone as a hot spot for internet. Never watch movies, or do downloads except for updates.

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Can you transfer it to someone. I would buy it from you if I was able


And know the biding beings

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I have a verizon unlimited data plan. I never exceed 3gb per month. Should I give up the plan to save approx $25.00 per month? I use the phone as a hot spot for internet. Never watch movies, or do downloads except for updates.


I think it's a great idea! The more people who give up their unlimited data willingly, the less motivation Verizon has to force the rest of us off it. :ph34r:



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money is money is money, and a bargain isn't a bargain if you don't need it. If buying a 4-5 Gb plan is cheaper than your unlimited,,,,,,what are you saving the unlimited plan for? Some (much later, vague) day in the future when you might want it?

You could spend hundreds of dollars on an unlimited plan that you don't need. We gave ours up a few months ago and are enjoying paying less (and yes, enjoying the lack of stress of wondering if we should keep paying more for iunlimited). Worse case if we go over in any given month, its a few bucks. Oh well.

From the info you have given, you are not the customer who will benefit from hanging on to unlimited data for dear life.



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Things change. As all forms of internet use grow so does the dependency on data availability. Nothing is a simple momentary exchange, thanks to advertising and people learning that a picture is worth a lot more than a thousand words.


5 years ago, one could just do email and surf a little bit and maybe use a few hundred megabytes of data in a month. Today, rich media content (even with active ad blockers) requires a much more robust interchange between a device and the internet services just to do simple things.


All of this is without regard to a growing phylosophy of updating that makes almost every update, whether to cell phone, tablet, PC or MAC or household device, a data gobbler. While one might think they are not ever going to need more data than the have been using, the needs are growing daily and thinking one will never use their connected devices for more than they do now, is in for a big shock.


For example, an OS update for an Android tablet can be several hundred meg by itself, never mind the smaller ongoing daily updates.


It sounds like you have not discovered the value of using cloud storage and the convenience and accuracy of your cell phone camera and video nor a host of other facilities that both protect and serve. The fact that you use the phone for a hotspot makes your monthly future use very unpredictable. I, also, do not use streaming or much downloads besides updates but my data consumption averages from 500meg to over a gig per day. But I do make use of all the Apps and tools that I can to make our life better and more efficient. This includes a growing use of Youtube for instructional videos to help solve problems, find better tools and techniques to improve my efficiency and effectiveness as well as research travel destinations and routes.


I, too, have an unlimited data plan... on Sprint and have long struggled with this question. Only a couple of years ago I tried Verizon in the location we were in because it was so much stronger. The only thing that changed was whether I was connected to the Internet through Sprint or Verizon. My average usage (according to Verizon) jumped from about 100 - 200 meg per day to over 1 gb per day and I exhausted my 5gb/month quantity in 4 days. I was shocked and bewildered and dropped Verizon during the trial period because it would cost me a fortune.


I am just saying that a bird in the hand might be worth a lot more if one realizes it is only a very young chicken and will grow into a lot more with some time.


Thinking about this, I would recommend doing a little research on FI (using the Internet, of course) Fi.google.com. This is the future and is why Sprint has chosen to not nickel and dime their users to death because independent data charges are going the way of long distance fees. We just have to find ways to survive affordably until then.


If you are paying extra for hotspot support on your phone, that might be a place you could cut some cost by tethering via USB or Bluetooth and not using their paid hotspot add-on. There are lots of ways to do this legally without extra monthly costs.

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Is your unlimited data plan 3G or 4G?


If its 3G, it's subject to throttling and not nearly as useful. And probably worth switching. Just keep in mind, if you switch to a 4G capped plan, you may find you end up using more GB per month than you're used to because of the increased speeds.


If it's 4G, then the unlimited plans are not throttled.. and while Verizon changed their internal policy on transferring these lines to others, there are still ways - and folks have been paying $500-800 to take over such lines. So if you decide to give up a 4G unlimited account, don't just cancel it.. you have something worth some nice cash that others who do use a lot of data would appreciate :)


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Hang on to that unlimited data plan with everything you got. Until the carriers come back with a MUCH better pricing plan for data, there is not much that can beat what you have.

BUT - investigate dropping the hotspot costs. PDANet aka FoxFi could be the logical alternative for you depending on what make/model phone you have.

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