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Need help with awning repair

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Hello everyone,


It's one of those days.....I thought I would test the structural integrity of my awning hardware by using the top of my truck. Needless to say the truck won, so I now have an awning upright that is no longer fully attached to the side of the camper as two of the rivets have pulled out.

I think it would be easy enough to fix by re-riveting but I thought it would be a good idea to remove the hardware to make it easier to work on and so I can seal behind it.

The problem I am having is that I can't find out if I can simply pull one or both pins on the arms to separate them from the upright, which will allow me to easily work on the repair.

What concerns me is whether there is any "spring" pressure associated with the arms alone. I have read, but don't completely understand, the whole roller safety thing, but not sure any of that applies here. The arms feel very loose at the pins, as if they are not really under severe pressure, so I think I can simply pull the pins and swing the arms and strut out of the way (with the awning roller supported) Tried to attach photo but can't get it to work. This link is the type of awning hardware arrangement it that helps.




Any thoughts if this will work, or am I being foolish? Kind of what got me in this mess in the first place!



Ya just can't RV without a hitch.....!

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If you don't understand how those strong coil springs (one on each side) operate and lock and wind and unwind, better be careful. A buddy who knows them better then I do helped me when we installed a new fabric on my existing AE awning. He would wear a big heavy pair of leather welding gloves and use vise grips to get a lock on the fitting that slides down into the side uprights. He then gave it x number of turns of tension and slid it down into the lift arms.


This is NOT any complete or correct set of installation instructions, ONLY a warning of how we did it and the strong turning torque and tension on the coil springs on each side inside the tube.


The spring locking mechanism on mine were ONLY on the right side NOT both. That's the little flip lever you rotate for Up and Down and Lock. On the left side there's no lock or unlock on mine, we put the vice grips on and wound it x revolutions then slid it down into the lift arms.


Consult a professional and expert on how to do this NOTTTTTTTTTTTT me but theres a lot of torque/tension when you wind those coil springs.


John T

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If I am understanding right you just want to get the arm away from the trailer so you can work on the plate that is fixed to the unit correct? If that is the case then it's no problem. Simply unhook that arm at the pin and stand it upright right on the ground directly under the awning. If its windy at all make sure you secure the awning to the ground either with a tent stake or a strap. Work away at your will.



Dave & Linda

2011 Bighorn 3670

2000 Ford 7.3 PS diesel white and tan in color Now Fulltiming since May15, 2010


Semper Fi Marines!!

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Thanks Dave, JohnT, JJ.....


I think that is the key and not dangerous since my understanding is the tension is on the upper arm, but there is a part of me that thinks a mess like this might better be done professionally! But I hate to think of the cost.... :wacko:

Stupidity is so expensive....


Really glad for these forums. Thanks again.

Ya just can't RV without a hitch.....!

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