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My little family and I recently began our full time rving adventure. I am an Irish dance teacher here in Oklahoma and have been brainstorming ways to take my career with me because I absolutely adore what I do. The idea I have come up with is an online based Irish dance school with optional live events throughout the country (some perhaps during or immediately before or after rallies in order to make things easier on dancers and their families). I have started putting together a site with details and would love to hear feedback from anyone who may be interested in this sort of thing. My website is aistearitishdance.com. Thanks!

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Welcome to the Escapee forums! Always nice to have new folks join us here.


I attempted to visit your website but could not find any site with anything close to the address shown. I wonder if there may be a typo in the url somewhere? I'm not quite sure how we can be of any assistance to you but if you share a little more information we probably have members on the forums who could be of assistance. We also have many members who have a great deal of RV experience as well as some who have a lot of experience in fulltime RV living so there is probably someone who could help you here.

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Yes, sorry! The url should be aistearirishdance.com. I was just looking for thoughts on the idea in general. Wondering if anyone would even be interested in such a service and if so if they have suggestions on how it might work better for them.

I'm not a candidate for your services, partly due to the vagaries of age, but we used to be square dancers and round dancers, as well as a bit of ballroom. I'm not sure how well it would go but do know that many of the snowbird destination parks have very extensive dance programs with lessons. You may want to look into that as a possible place to take this.


Also, I took the liberty of using the link icon to make your url and active one so that readers can just click on it to visit your page.

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