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Removing Decals Myself

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I removed all of one color stripe on our motorhome when it was about 10 years old as it had cracked and faded. It was maroon in color and those always seem to age badly. I removed ours from a fiberglass RV and did so using a heat gun on low settings to soften it, a plastic scraper to remove, and then used "Goo Gone" to remove any residue. While all of the decal was then gone and it did look much better, in some light the missing decal always did show as it was more shiny where it had been.

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Well I have removed the graphics off the front, back and drivers side of our 2004 Alfa fiver. I looked like a medicine man with a combination of chemicals in a tub. First off, I bought a heat gun from Harbor Freight with different temperature settings and I only used the lowest 2. A long handle razor blade scrapper from O'Reillys with plastic razor blades from NAPA. A spray bottle of Goo Gone and a can of Goof Off, both from Walmart. I had decals that that were actually two colors. The center was either a solid light or dark color anywhere from 2" to "5 wide and with speckled gold shading. The solid color was fairly easy to remove and would separate from the shading. The shading then became a big time SOB to remove. Where the decals were cracked, the adhesive and residue left that was exposed to the sun and only a 1/16" wide was harder to remove than the decal itself. I know you probably don't want to do it but working on the sunny side sure made a big difference in easier removal. I was going to try Aircraft Decal and Number Remover (for aluminum) available at O'Reillys for $15.00 a spray can. I emailed the outfit that makes it in Houston, TX. The reply was a CYA. And I never got around to trying it.

A friend that removed the graphics off his Newmar motorhome used basically the same stuff I used along with a 3M Eraser Wheel available at auto parts and body supply shops. He also used the Aircraft Decal and Number Remover with no effect on his Gelcoat.

The long handle razor blade scrapper makes it nice when running the heat gun in front of the scrapper to keep your hand out of the heat. A plastic putty knife works also but is so flexible and really gets soft with the heat. It is simply a labor intensive job. Just take your time and when you get fed up with it, just walk away for awhile!

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