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Water Line Connection


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Hi there. I am a park model rv owner and was hoping to find some advice regarding my water line hook-up. There is a rigid black tube(pex?) underneath the TV that hooks up to the hydrant. At the end of the tube is a green plastic coupling that screws onto the hydrant connection point. After we dewinterized this year that coupling keeps popping out of the tubing. I can only push it in so far. In my full time home we use copper pipe so I'm not familiar with this.


I didn't get a picture of it and can't seem to find a similar looking piece on the net. Maybe I'm describing it wrong. Do I need to heat the tubing in order to

Ugh the coupling all the way into it and get a better connection so it doesn't continue to pop out? Is there any other type of hose I can uses instead of this black tubing? Thank you in advance.

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Dipping it in or pouring very hot water over the pipe may soften it enough to push it fully on the ferrule. A good quality stainless steel worm-drive clamp should keep it there.

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